Saturday, April 2, 2011

letters from doggie:: five

dearest daddy,

you know i love you and i think you're my hero. and mum's a doll but i wanna tell you about the things that she makes me do when you're at work.

i'm alright when mummy tried to sneak in carrot bits and cherry tomatoes into my snacks. its good for me. (even though i hate it) and i deal with it when she tries to dress me like a girl, or tie my hair with pretty bows. its kinda weird but i guess mum really wanted a girl-dog. but when it comes to doggie friends, she really tries too hard. and that makes me upset.

i don't like public dog parks. and i don't like other dogs. the big ones sniff too much and the little ones are too yappy. i totally get that they think they are cute but can't they just use their words? oh and just because i don't keep eye contact with them, it doesn't mean i don't KNOW they are there! i just choose to look away. cos they are stinkers. and they have cooties.

i know mum thinks that the sun rises and sets on my uncle song & teng. and she would choose being with a whole gaggle of friends over spending a quiet afternoon at home... but im not the same. im more of an only child. (you get me, right??)

its not that i'm weird. im ok with little kids. i let them pet me and i sit really still even when they're rough with my ears. and if mummy allows, i give them soft licks on their hands. but frankly, all i wanna do is hang with you guys, do grown up things like cuddle in bed, sit by your feet and go for long walks. that makes me happy. that's ok with you, right?

we need to stage an intervention before it gets serious.


p.s. i have a friend. bunny is my bff. thought i'd let you know.
p.p.s. i REALLY want to go to yokohama today...


  1. he sounds just like sally.... not dog friendly!

  2. @Janice

    at least little sally has rosco to play around with. i worry for our muumuu sometimes! i wonder if he is lonely or something!!

    maybe its time for doggie #2! :)


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