Thursday, April 21, 2011

letters from doggie:: eight

hello everyone!

mum's sick in bed with a huge cold. payback for making me and bunny take a bath. hated it. anyway, im taking over the world! this morning, i've licked up crumbs from her breakfast plate, rolled around in her fabric stash and dragged grandma's quilt, dad's backpack and bits of toasty clean laundry to my happy corner! its really comfy that way... *evil chuckle*

while i cook up my next mischief, here are some pikkies from a sunny afternoon when we stole daddy from work for a quick picnic lunch...

my papabear... 

mum makes these awesome roast beef sandwiches!! she is still trying to perfect her sandwich dressing so we eat it every other day!!

in case you were thinking to try....
the cherry blossom petals tasted deceivingly 'ick!'

get better soon ma! i miss my walks 
and the dogwoods are a-bloomin'!

musashi x


  1. have a speedy recovery love!

  2. thanks tricias! :) have a lovely friday ahead! xx


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