Monday, April 25, 2011

in japan:: train with pets

musashi is quite the seasoned traveller ever since he came into our family. he is quite a breeze to travel with and we miss him so much that we've started planning pet-friendly trips so he can come along.

 muu the snugglebums and his grandparents...

on route to see mount fuji...

when it comes to traveling on bullet trains/metro/subway in japan, pets are allowed as long as they're in carriers. we've had him in various carriers, ranging from his airplane carrier to doggie totes and even baby slings. and we've not had trouble in trains.

but naturally, as a courtesy to other passengers, it would be best if your dog doesn't run around and is not too stinky or making too much noise...

we usually keep him in his carrier if he is asleep but if we have private seats, he gets to wander out and cosy up! his favorite past-time is to curl up in our lap, sneak peeks at other travellers' snacks and look out of the window.

him and his bff found the most comfy rest position. 

because we know that at some point, little musashi will have to tackle a plane ride so we're trying to get him used to staying calm and hushed in his carrier. we pack in his blankie, bunnybuns & some snacks to keep him entertained. its also nice that he doesn't misbehave in public cos that way, we get more family vacays that everyone can enjoy! :)

more from the trip pikkies in a bit..
happy mondays!!


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