Friday, April 29, 2011

friday updates:: all that sparkles is not gold..

since the last sparkley post, i've received some really sweet emails and notes (and some requests for more sequin clutches too!! yippee!) have i told you that i really love comments and little notes from you? it really makes my day! so don't be a stranger and say hi to me!!

other than that, nothing much has changed. muumuu is still in love with bunny, daniel is still a die-hard apple fan and im still in that sickly shade of paleness (thanks winter!).

oh yes! and im still easily distracted by sparkley things! 

 im crazy about the feathers, stripes and sequins! 

 how about this little slinky number from here..

our 'golden week' vacation starts today! to kick off the festivities, we're going to yakun kaya toast* today! you heard me right!! right here in tokyo! :) im tooo excited for words! xx

*p.s. for the uninitiated, yakun is a popular cafe chain from home that serves awesome coffee with condensed milk, gooey eggs and coconut jam (kaya) on thinly toasted bread. 


  1. omg!! its official. you have amazing taste!!

    i have that exact sparkly dress from Asos!!!! the down side is the trail of sequins peppered all over my house, but it is sooooo comfy and stunning to wear!! you should totally get one!!!

  2. @guerrrilla

    hahah!!! ;) seriouslY!? :) thats so fun!! i would love a house speckled with sequins!


  3. yum! i am loving the sparkley slinky dress. woo!

  4. @punkychewster

    it has free international shipping too! xx


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