Saturday, April 23, 2011

fabric shopping:: tokyo

needless to say, after moving to japan, my craft collection has grown by leaps and bounds! when it comes to craft shopping, tokyo is notoriously evil... even though i don't know the language, i'm now proud owner of a tonne of sewing magazines, books, tools and little bits and bobs! its kinda scary that it has taken over my workdesk!!

i've yet to explore the holy grail of craft shopping - the yamanote fabric tour of tokyo. it sounds so official doesn't it? it starts at nippori textile town, kinkado in ikebukuro, okadaya in shinjuku, marunan in shibuya and ends with yuzawaya in kamata. woah!! i can hardly make it through nippori alone! but one day i will!

here are some of my latest finds when mum visited::

this print made its debut in my lil store but its so fun to work with i got somemore!!

a stack of quilting fabric.. i still have most of the fat quarter left after this project..
hmmm what to do next?

my full-time obsession :: oil cloth

100 % organic cotton... i love the colours!
was thinking to make some aprons & maybe some table linen too..

this one does my eyes in! but its sooo fun! :) i think im gonna turn it into an envelope clutch! 

vintage lace.. for an easy peter pan collar project! :) 

i love it that feeling when i run my fingers through rows and rows of fabric. it makes my heart beat faster. i love how i look at fabric and ideas of what it would turn into springs up in my mind! sometimes, the first image is prettier than the end result but most of the time, its even better. regardless, i feel so happy and alive when im creating & sketching things... 

thanks for indulging in my little obsession!
tell me! what makes you feel this way?



  1. i did not know you have an etsy store!!!!! faaaar ooout!!! i love, love love, luuuurve both the aprons you've sold. very 1950s chic. :D

    i've been obsessed with skateboarding more than half my life. i eat, live and breathe it. sometimes when i go to sleep, i often dream, i'd be out skating and managed to pull off the trick i was trying so hard to land in consciousness earlier that day.

    i reckon its wikkid to obsess over one thing or other. its a passion ting! big up the yamanote fabric tour!! sounds like mad fun. can't wait for when you finally do it!! hurhurhur!!

  2. i love fabric shopping! i have to control myself everytime!! i have shipped a bunch from china back to SG. and now i'm starting another collection here in NC! crazy!

    post about you fabric tour soon!

  3. @guerrrilla

    skateboarding!! thats rad!! :) wish i were coordinated enough to do something fun like that!! xx

  4. @punkychewster

    come come!! and we can go fabric shopping together!! its kinda crazy fabric shopping here!! *faints* xx

  5. Helloes mrs allender, hope things are better in Japan now.

    looking at your fabric frenzies, i wonder if I can request a customized apron. I cook alot (literally 3x a day, excluding baking) and hence my current apron gets dirty alot. I want something that's practical (or durable) but still chic at the same time.

    what do you say? ;)


  6. @Sherly

    hi sherl!

    thanks for writing!! definitely! i'd be more than happy to work on an apron for you! email me at tzeying(at)gmail(dot)com?

    so i can get more info on your preferred style and colours! :)

    exciting!!! :) :) :)


  7. This makes me want to do a fabric swap with you!

  8. @lindapendante dreams

    i've never done a fabric swap! :) but anything with the word fabric sounds fun! :)


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