Sunday, April 10, 2011

dressing up:: springtime fancies

happy weekend!! have you guys checked out zara's spring collection!? isn't it fantastic? there are really cute pieces at super cool prices! and the crazily loud colours and cute shapes, absolutely spot on!! here are some pieces (zara & non-zara included) im lusting to add to my spring wardrobe...

can you tell im at an awkward phrase in my life? i feel a little in between ages!! sometimes i feel too old for maxi dresses and sometimes i feel too young for capri pants and sleeved shirts! but its kinda fun because i tell myself i get to buy both types and experiment a little!!



  1. i love the colours!!! =) Spring is here!

  2. @Yingjie

    totally feeling bright colours this season! maybe i've grown out of pink, FINALLY!


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