Friday, April 1, 2011

crafts:: a tissue holder tutorial for beginners

i've received some emails from people asking "i really want to start making things! but how?" and "i don't know how to use the machine!". i'll let you in on a little secret! i learnt how to thread a machine back in high school in home economics. but my mum is a keen crafter and she did all my homework for me. so i got straight "A"s, naturally. and i never needed to learn. all until i moved away from home. but i only got my first sewing machine in november. that's about 5 months ago!!

in my very humble opinion, the key to learning how to sew is practice!

i try to sew something everyday. each opportunity i get to make a something different, i'll jump at it! even if its something not very exciting like a camera lens pouch, or a picnic mat. each of these are a learning experience! :) and the more i sew, the more i learn.

but this is a good one to start:: a tissue holder!

a scrap piece of fabric
matching thread
sewing machine (can be hand sewn too!)

first, you measure up your tissue pack.

cut up your chosen (cute) fabric with pinking shears. mine was about 18 x 13 cm. 

hem the (13 cm) side of the fabric using a edge-stitch. it means a straight stitch from the right parallel to the edge/seam. its the simplest stitch! :)

i added fusible batting but if you pick a heavier fabric, there is no need for that step.

then you fold the fabric to meet in the middle, wrong sides facing up. and sew right down both sides of the fabric. it will start looking like a pouch.

like this! :) 

trim the corners if your stitches ain't too straight (don't worry, happens to me all the time!) 

pop in the tissue and voila! there you have it! :) your own hand-made tissue holder.
muumuu says hi! :) 

hope this tutorial makes sense for beginners. and a great scraps-buster!! internet (and youtube) is a great tool! there are great tutorials and patterns for you to learn from. the best way to learn and start is to get behind the machine and try! and don't be bummed out by the little mistakes. i get them ALL the time! but i think it makes something more charming with the little "oopies" here and there.

i too have a huge list of to-dos!! i've not tried making clothes from a paper pattern, sew darts on clothes and tackle the notoriously scary invisible zip! :) *deep breath* but i will! and once i get it, the world of sewing will be a more glorious (and better fitted) place! :)

thanks for reading! hope you're enjoying a lovely friday! xx


  1. i seriously need your kinda discipline! keep up the good work girly! love reading your bloggy!

  2. @sillyfaery

    teach me how to knit!!! i wanna make capes and doilies!! :) xx


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