Thursday, April 28, 2011

crafts:: shoe bag for stilettos

my girlfriend had this completely cute nautical outfit on the other day and these adorable tall heels on. when we decided to walk to our dinner appointments, we pulled out our walking flats. and to my horror, she whisked out her (equally cute) ballet flats from a plastic bag!!

so i made a mental note to make her one of these:: 

a little shoe pouch complete with her initials! :)

a drawstring pouch divied into two parts..

why two compartments?? so the pointy stiletto don't stab the surface of the shoe, especially if they're suede or patent leather. it also helps to keep them dry, dirt-free and snug in transit! 

hope you love it, e! xx 


  1. I absolutely Love this bag!!! I should make one for myself! given that i ALWAYS have an alternate pair of shoe! ;)

  2. @kennytricia

    its a useful to have for all girls, i reckon! :)

  3. @Yingjie

    haha!! :) i love how everyone has an extra pain of shoes hidden in their purse!

    i found these super comfy roll up ballet flats from bloch! they're awesome n so convenient!

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  5. love you! the pouch is perfect <3


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