Friday, April 22, 2011

crafts:: pinwheel quilt

when the cheng-s were in town last week, they did a whole lot of shopping, site-seeing & eating. but each day when mummy got back home, she would cut patterns, organize my fabric stash and craft. i have no clue where she found all that energy because sometime between my work and bedtime ...

 THIS kinda happened! 
 a little spring pinwheel blankie for the pampered pooch..
i know its crumplesville but it was impossible trying to sneak it away from musashi-kun... 

the soft flannel was brilliant & cosy until the machine decided to quit on us. 
so i hand-quilted it... 
its kinda messy cos it was my first attempt!
note to self:: need to learn hand quilting properly.

the puppybear LOVES it!! 


he misses his grandma... 

come back soon, guys! we love you.. xx


  1. ahhh! love the quilt!!! that's one project i need to get down to one day! and I don't see anything wrong with your hand quilting!

  2. @punkychewster

    the exposed knots! i have no idea how to conceal them! and the worst part is, musashi loves to pick at them! *sigh*

  3. omigosh!! i really miss reading your blog sooo MUCH! glad to be back online again. *phew*

    ya know, i really envy women like your mum. they've got so much zest and energy for life. wish i could have half her energy when i am her age. what an amazing lady.

    musashi's pouty face is schoooo cute!! very geram!! i wanna squish him!! =P

  4. @guerrrilla

    mum's amazing! she just joined a dancing group that will perform in universal studios in singapore... insanity!!

    welcome back online, love!


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