Monday, April 18, 2011

cherry blossoms & hanami: part trois

when in japan..

do as the japanese do...
there were sooo many people in yoyogi park 
enjoying the lovely weather..
it felt like one huge picnic!

beauty everywhere...

daniel & musashi fussed around all day while i was at work 
and packed an awesome picnic basket!

 musashi enjoys nature this way
swaddled in his blankie on my lap 
and stare lovingly at us and the trees..
very adorable!

the best summer dessert...

thanks honeybunchies... you guys are the best!!

just one for the road

p.s. if you're OD-ed on cherry blossoms, you'd be glad to learn that all that's left is pink streets with pile up of confetti.. so this mad flurry of cherry-blossom induced excitement will soon come to an end..


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  1. love love love your pink polka dot picnic mat!

    And strangely, we saw a papilon and maltese mix at the pet shop over the weekend and the last pic reminded of that doggie we saw in the window!


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