Thursday, March 24, 2011

wedding:: photobooth fun

i realized that i have not peeped a squeak about out wedding photobooth! we decided to include a little bit of photobooth love it in our wedding celebrations in singapore. it was so much fun not to share!

but first, why photobooth?

as a wedding planner, i know how it takes to coordinate table shots. first, ushers/friends to prep the table ahead of you, to make everyone on a round table gather around the oldest people, then note the backdrop, not too bright, or too cluttered, or mirrored. then pry the bride and groom from the table before so they can move over to this table, wave in the general direction and say the obligatory "thank you for coming..", shuffle through the crowd in your train while balancing a glass of champagne to place yourself in the middle, all put on a fake smile, then shuffle to the next table, and if appropriate, have a few "yam-sengs"(chinese toasts). meanwhile grabbing a few hands and shaking them awkwardly. this multiply by the number of tables you have.

goofy besties all smooshed into one shot! we were kinda there too! :)

i had it nailed down to a science. each table takes at least 2 minutes (with yamsengs = 3 mins). i had 20 tables and a 4-hour party. and im not about to sacrifice 20 % of my time taking awkward pictures

so we did away with it all. and replaced table shots with a kick-ass photobooth. best decision ever. cos we got pictures like this instead!

cousin ming & daughter nicole:: its so darling... i'd personally keep this picture forever.

my grampies:: this picture covered the cost of the photobooth entirely. my grandpa NEVER smiles. like NEVER EVER.

picture of your mum air-kissing your mother in law? and both of them hamming up to the camera in feather boas.. SERIOUSLY!?

oh! you know how sometimes you're unfortunately put on a table of 10 with people you don't know? this gives you an excuse to take a break from awkward silences! from the number of pictures, i suspect some of my mum's pals were VERY awkward and camped out at the booth all night long! :)

my mum had so much fun. she was literally manning the photobooth!

the kids loved it. i didn't have streakers and screamers. and no one was bored out of their wits. 

test shots of bosslady & sophia:: even these were awesome!

with J&J:: daniel had no clue what the board read! :)

 family & yixin:: and you get pictures WITH your awesome photographer...

the nice part is, you get a customized backdrop that matches your theme. sometimes you find some other people with the same theme as you but imitation is kinda the best form of flattery, right? and each guest gets a framed print out of their picture on the spot and at the end of the day, you get a high-res copy of the image to keep forever. till today, we nudge each other and feel a little tingle of pride when we see the framed pictures in our rellies' home. we're not in every picture but it's something they can keep!! :)

we received so many compliments after! but you kinda know that you made the right decision when your grumpy aunt tells you that she had fun with the pictures and your dad uses them in their company d&d! can you tell my daddy is a different man at work? so proper. i love him sooooo much! :)

i can't recommend this more for parties & celebrations. or to inject a little fun into an otherwise typical wedding. not a newbie to the wedding scene cos photobooths are the rage these days. but i'd personally recommend baicapture for their excellent service and sophia just "gets" me. i met her once for work and coordinated the entire deal via email. it just doesn't get easier than that!

does anyone else have photobooth pictures or ideas to share? i'd love to hear! xx 


  1. How cute! I've seen lots of photobooth pics from weddings but these are adorable!!

    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway! New follower. :)

    Rope Bracelet GIVEAWAY!

  2. @Amy Stewart

    im a huge fan of your store and blog! :) thanks for visiting! xx

  3. the photobooth idea was brilliant! drat, should have known you earlier. heehee.

    and you look so much like your mum! she was so adorable in the shots :D

  4. @ladytricia

    there is still anniversaries, baby parties to come! :)

    yes, im an exact photocopy of my ma! :)

  5. Hey Zhing!

    How much did you pay for the photobooth? :D

    I'm considering having it for my wedding!

  6. hi, am i like my daughter u?haha! but i like the way u describe those photobooth pics, cheeky!

  7. @thesuper-girl

    hi babe! depends on how many hours you'd like to hire them for! but it starts from $600. best part is they provide everything! (although my wedding planner brought in more props to plump up the photobooth! haha)

    do it! you'll not regret the money spent! :)

  8. @Boon Siang

    haha! :) remember? you were dress same colour as the bride. its like your wedding too!!

    love you!!!!

  9. arrrgghh!!! missing out on all your entries!! (stoopid uni assignments)

    i wanted a photo booth for my reception too!! really like the one i saw on 'Oh Joy!''s blog. she had some sort of launch party and customised the booth with funky curtains and wallpaper. VERY stylo.

    i'd get a "graffiti wall" in the booth though. its very me. don't mind one those retro photo wall paper ones either. slightly pointless, cause my reception is by the beach.

    its hard to source a photo booth in Bali man. bugger. But hit me up if you have a 'lobang' in Bali please!! pretty pleaaase. with cherries on top. hurhurhur!

  10. @guerrrilla

    i'll let you know if i hear of anyone! but you can check with your photographer. sometimes they are able to help you with it!! :)

    share your pictures when you're done! im sure you'll have a blast!

  11. I'm glad you're still blogging as usual. I've been paralysed with stress for the last two weeks and I can't blog!

  12. @Generic Jen B

    hi dear! are you alright!? things will be ok! hopefully in like the next few days, it will all clear up!!

    meanwhile, blogging distracts me from aftershocks & drama in the news!! so i keep doing whatever i can!

    **BIGGGG hugs!*

  13. I love your photobooth pictures! They were so fun with the props, and I'm super jealous that you have them on disk!!
    We had an old fashioned one that does the strips in black and white. Really not enough space for as many people, but still great fun!
    The company we went with made a scrapbook so that everyone had a copy for themselves and then pasted a copy in our book and wrote us notes to go with their pics.
    We love digging it out and looking through :)

  14. @Noel Mahler

    awww!! yours is the CLASSIC!! :) i wish they had those back home!! having a book is so cute! wish we thought of that!!

    oh well. there is always anniversaries!!


  15. Your wedding looks like the most fun EVER!


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