Saturday, March 12, 2011

tokyo:: my first quake. survived.

we're ok. 

all three of us survived with a tale to tell. unfortunately (and kinda fortunately), my mum is in japan now as well and is touring hokkaido, but we've heard from them that they're alright. it kinda make you sit up a little and take life a little more seriously. we came home and had our emergency evacuation kit assembled, sitting by the door. just in case. 

but here's what we have: 
1) crackers & muesli bars
2) bottles of water
3) passports & insurance information
4) money
5) towel, wipies & basic sanitary items
6) first aid kit
7) helmet
8) hand extinguisher
8) musashi's crate, blankie, jackets, food, snacks & leash 

missing anything?

we're still feeling tremors through the evening and can hear fire trucks & ambulances in the streets. but we're very fortunately to be in our home, electricity, internet, water and all. because many people are stranded tonight in tokyo as all train lines are shut. the streets on my way home were completely packed with people trying to walk home. its kinda crazy. 

we've cleaned the house up so we have a straight path of exit and while it's all seems very exciting, its quite unnerving and jittery. we're saying a little prayer for the families in sendai and the injured. thank you to everyone that emailed, fb-ed and watsapp us. we're safe and will keep y'all posted once it all passes!

zhing, daniel & musashi


  1. A jacket to keep warm. A portable radio to stay updated with the news?
    Keep me updated via Whatsapp! Take care you three xo

  2. @am-klutz

    jackets & warm things: check!(good one!) no portable radio but we have our iphones! time to get one maybe!

    will keep you posted! :)xx

  3. good hearing that you guys are safe!

  4. @Pamz TT

    thank you! :) all good for now!! the choppers are still flying around and sirens go off so often. drama...

  5. Glad that you're safe, Zhing! I was kinda thinking about you when I read about the quake. D:

  6. @thesuper-girl

    thanks babe! :) we're in good hands! the japanese government seem to have their act together..

  7. Glad to hear that you're safe! *Hugz*

  8. I was very glad to see your post Friday that y'all are safe! We traveled to CA to visit Seth's brother yesterday, and when we heard the news Thursday night I couldn't stop checking for an update from you. Keep staying safe - I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers too!

  9. @Noel Mahler

    hi noey!! thanks for thinking of us! mummy is alright. she can't figure out if the earthquake happened when she was on a domestic flight or on a bus! *sigh* mum...

    there is still a lot of chaos up north! kinda scary! but we're ok for now! will let you know when its all clear!


  10. glad to hear that you're alright! xx

    was in paris over the weekend and the news was just going crazy giving minute by minute updates !

    take lots of care.

  11. @la chamelle

    paris sounds nice and far and safe!! :) thanks babe!

    till today, news still sounds crazy now.. unbelievable!


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