Thursday, March 31, 2011

thursday morning cheer:: my milk toof

im sure my milk toof needs no introduction.. the girls got me started when they visited me last year and i've been HOOKED ever since!!! i would usually read it, giggle to myself and then make the boy read it to musashi and me as a bedtime story. he's the best storyteller because he has so many voices!! :)

i've watched this video about three gazillion times and it gets me each time. i can't wait to receive my book in the mail!! 

are you an ickle or lardee fan?? 
p.s. im a lardee gal. (esp after this one!)


  1. I'm a huge milk toof fan too! I follow her blog. It's hilarious!!

  2. I love Lardee!!!

    So much work goes into her blog its crazy! Didn't know they have a book!

  3. @kennytricia

    they do!! :) you can get it from amazon! i think it just launched! so much fun to be doing her job tho!! :)

    andrea:: i knew you'd love it too!! xx


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