Friday, March 4, 2011

matchbook:: closet must-haves

have you heard of matchbook? they're kinda new but im already completely sold! it's every girl's guide to a charmed life and more. usually, i'd choose printed magazines over online ones in a heartbeat but im kinda over trying to read japanese magazines! its so much work trying to figure out the words, its ripping the joy outta reading mags! but this one, has a special place in my heart!

when i grow up i wanna be a matchbook girl!

my summer shopping guide! :)


  1. nice checklist! i briefly looked through and looks like there is some focus in shopping during the next singapore sale. haha

  2. @fenzc

    keep to it babe! i always drift off and buy some senseless pink thing. my wardrobe is filled with senseless pink things!!

    happy weekend sweetie!

  3. ya i think it is a good checklist too! anyway it has always been fun reading your entries!

  4. I think I'm following them on tumblr or Pinterest.I think.

  5. @am-klutz

    is tumblr their blog? i gotta get on this pinterest business! :)

    maoyu:: hi babe! :) welcome to my new blog! let me know if you write too! then i can catch up with your life!

  6. yay! cool checklist. Now that i have to be sensible about my spending, everytime i buy a piece, i make it a versatile essential so i can mix and match.

    only when it's time to splurge i buy crazy prints and colours...

  7. @sillyfaery

    i also posted it as a reminder! im always always tempted by the crazy colours and currently im insanely in love with nautical prints. *sigh*


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