Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a little update from tokyo...

we've been staying in our little home for five days, playing BBC on loop and monitoring tweets 24/7. we're heartbroken for the people and damages up north, but we're looking forward to more good news stories and miracles like this. things in tokyo are generally alright, a little uncertainty looming in the air with the nuclear & radiation news. but we're blessed with both electricity and water for now and we're very grateful generally that all's well.

we've received many emails asking why we have not left tokyo yet. and our family in the south is bugging us to leave. unfortunately, we're kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. my mummy is flying in to tokyo this evening and was going to stay with us for a week. so we can't leave her stranded alone in tokyo. furthermore, we don't have paperwork to put musashi on an airplane. hence, our decision to stay put. we hope its the right decision because it was a difficult one to make. *fingers crossed*

many people have asked how they can help.. we've personally chosen the japanese red cross through daniel's company and animal refuge kansai (ARK), where musashi came from. we have great faith in both organizations so do chip in anyway you can.

in other news, i will try to ease back into regular blogging after this. its not that i've forgotten the pain nor am i celebrating in this time of great sadness. but it helps me take my mind off things a little. and i think everyone could use a pretty image and a smile on their face. hope you understand.

keep japan in your prayers. there is still a long way to go.

gambatte, nihon! x


  1. Hey hon
    glad to hear that you are safe and sound.
    Really saddened by the devastation that i'm seeing on the news. Please let me know if you are aware of any fund raising or relief efforts which I can participate in. I am already aware of the red cross.
    Thinking of you guys.

  2. Been having you in my thoughts, babe. Am sure you are doing what's best in times like these. So keep safe! Look after yourself and your loved ones! xx

  3. @Pamz TT

    poor people in sendai. its snowing... wish we could send food and jackets to them!!

    mindy::thanks so much babe!!

  4. hang in there babe...

    and shouldn't your mum not fly in at this time?

  5. like every one of your fans, friends and lurking fiends..... i'm so glad the Allenders are a-okay. yaaay! =)

    i never doubted for a minute that your decision to ease back into regular blog entries as being apathetic in any way. if anything, i think its a fantastic decision!

    p.s: how awesome is ARK?!!! such a fabulous organization to support!! *cuddles to musashi*

  6. @guerrrilla

    thanks honey! :) we're extremely grateful to be safe!!

    ARK is great! i know the lady who runs the program personally and she really cares for each and everyone of these abandoned pets. and i know that each penny goes a long way!

  7. Hi again! Greetings from the desert. I have commented before on your bak hu blog and told you we have breadtalk here. Have been following your blog in my idle times :)

    It is kinda uncanny that while you are embroiled in the Japan tsunami disaster, I am on the other end of the world experiencing the infamous Middle East unrest in Bahrain. Like you, we adopted an animal from SPCA shelter which we now realise is going to make it harder for us to just pack up and leave the country. He is a local cat who has become part of our little family in the desert where we have built our lives for more than 5 years now. And he is at the moment stuck in the kennels in Bahrain while me and my husband hole up in a neighboring country till the unrest subsides. Missing him already!

    Hope you and your family are fine amidst all the chaos.


  8. @Carmy

    oh honey! im so sorry to hear. i can feel your anxiety. we have musashi in our arms before bed and that makes a world of difference.

    hope the situation clears up in your end of the world. will be praying for you and yours in todays prayers..


  9. Thanks, Zhing.Your musashi is nice enough to stay in bed with Mom and Dad whereas our Mao is too much of a terrorist (we call him Maoist Rebel) to contemplate taking him anywhere else but home!

    You take care too.



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