Wednesday, March 23, 2011

little projects in style:: shoppity shoppe

something small i've been working on recently. i now have an  itsy bitsy little shop! :)

it has been on the books for ages but i've hmm-ed and ahhh-ed over it because i was scared. scared that no one would wanna wear something i made, worried that my crafting is not perfect (still not!) and all the other 101 naggy insecurities. but life's too short, huh? so i threw a small little bait into the ocean a few weeks ago.

my small bait :: reversible apron 

all my favorite things squished into a little apron.

and guess what!? someone out of the blue bought it! a guy from texas! maybe it was a gift for his wife of 6 children who makes delish casseroles every night. maybe it for his mother who knits purple woolen socks and sits in a rocking chair. maybe a darling daughter as a housewarming gift. whoever it was for, i hope she/he loves it! i even threw in something special to celebrate my first sale. ever! :)

so that kinda gave me a little jolt in the right direction! and i added a few more things to my shop..

some got featured in really cute treasuries, like this and this.

so come visit! :) and tell me what you think. each piece in my shop is one-of-a-kind but if you'd like a custom-made piece, feel free to write to me!

most of all, a huge huge thank you to my readers and friends who have literally forced me down this path. i really appreciate it. i would have never dreamt of something like this on my own.

so in celebration of new beginnings, im humbly offering a special for our blog readers, complimentary shipping for one month. anywhere in the world! please use coupon code:: launchparty01.



  1. I'm SO PROUD OF YOU! :) You did it!!!

  2. @Andrea

    thanks babe! :) just needed a little shoving to get started!!

  3. Wow, it's impressive. Something I probably wanted to do too but never have the confidence or patience for. I am known to be quite slow in completing any crafts altough I like doing them. Do you only do one of each item or more? Good effort I must say :)

  4. @Carmy

    hi love!! thanks thanks! :) im quite slow too!! thats why this took forever to set up!

    i do one of a kind pieces! its probably not too productive but i get bored when i start replicating! haha! ADD!

  5. Congratulations lovely girl! Your wares are stunning and I'm sure this will give you much joy. Good luck with it all and may you go from strength to strength!

  6. @Sharon

    thank you! :) if nothing else, its a fun project to work on while in the land of crafts and crazy fabric!


    hope you're all better!!!

  7. omg, u did it u did it u did it!

  8. @kennytricia

    yes!! finally! :) thanks for your constant support, hon!

    hope one day we can hang out in perosn! :)

  9. @kennytricia

    we'll keep an eye out for each other's movement & travels! maybe we will meet in some exotic city! :)

    or maybe singapore! haha! :)

  10. yay!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!

    have lots of fun!!

    you make me want to do it too!! have an etsy shop! but see lah, im too lazy and not very productive at all...

  11. @sillyfaery

    OMG you totally should, silly girl! you're right smack in the MIDDLE of america, land of crafts and free shipping for everything!! :)

    i love your crafts! they're cutte! :)

  12. Rock on, Zhingy!
    Spread the Zhing-ness.

  13. @Salz

    thanks honey! :) miss yoU! xx

  14. I love it and I am so proud of you. I have a friend here in PA that I'm trying to encourage to start a Etsy shop... she's an artist stuck in the body of a server :( maybe you'll be inspiration!
    PS - I'm not sure I could buy an apron. It's too cute and I would want to wear it out like a 1/2 skirt... haha

  15. @Noel Mahler

    hahah!! :) a server like a computer server or F&B server? :)

    i'd totatlly wear it out except for the gaping hole on the behind!! love you!!


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