Saturday, March 19, 2011

letters from doggie:: three

hi friends,

as you probably have heard, my homeland is in a little pickle. to rub salt into injury, it is snowing up north still. i hope it all ends soon. meanwhile, i wanna tell you about our weekend adventures in nagoya. i loved the bullet train. and i am having an awesome time! for starters, i get to sleep with mummy & daddy in their BEDROOM! never before!! my uncles will say:

"musashi - 10, allenders - 0"

but who is keeping tabs! but BEDROOM!!!
and then, grampies are huge softies. they feed me food from the table and i even got to taste bread!! and they let me sit on their lap on the sofa all the time. and i get more walks than ever because mum doesn't want me to pee in grampies' home. sweet! the park here is beautiful and huge and there are baby ducks for me to chase! love! 

and they are taking me to their country home in the mountains. so we can go back to nature, get dirty and dig up dirt. just my type of fun. mum is not super excited cos she is wearing nice city boots but im sooo excited.
the trendiest evacuee in history.

but its not all fun. right before we left tokyo, mum made me take the rabies shot. which was major ouchies. but i didn't really wince at all. i did give the doctor a "what in the WORLD!!?" stare and am now sporting a huge red bruise. but it gets me anything i want because everyone thinks im a trooper. but the jab made mum cry, she looked away but she was tearing up. she's silly like that. im super ok!

thanks to my aunt carol back home who is sending me dog food by fedex! im A-ok! i have so many food options here in nagoya! so no worries!! 

meanwhile, there are some doggies up north who are cold, hungry and injured. we watched this on youtube, which is very sad. so please keep your paws crossed for my japanese pals, that they will survive, be strong and find new homes. if anyone wants to give money or convince my dad that we can take care of another dog, please do! 

i'll be a good brother, promise.

with woofs,
musashi allender


  1. Awww.. love these letters from little mushashi...

    And my heart broke when i saw the video too...

  2. @kennytricia

    i tell myself when i see such things in the news, it means that there is no major breaking news about the nuclear situation worsening.

    but still! enough of bad news and sad images!! give us a break!


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