Saturday, March 26, 2011

jewellery love:: bubble baubles

me: i've been eyeing this necklace from MOMA for ages. its really cute.
my sweet friend: yeah? how does it look?
me: its a cluster of glass balls..
my sweet friend: oh. like a string of pearls?
me: not quite.. its like sparkley and like bunched up. 
my sweet friend: ??
me: its made of glass! and transparant. like urm... bubbles but like dazzling bubbles!!!!
me sweet friend: oh. like lady gaga's dress?
me: ... not quite what i was going for but...

i guess she is kinda right! :) its such a fun and versatile piece!

happy weekend, sweethearts!


  1. i love it!!!! very quirky. i can imagine it'd look different in changing light conditions. so did you end up buying it?

  2. @guerrrilla

    hahha! sure did! :) that is my arm and shoulder!!

  3. i remember that conversation! i love the bubbles darling!


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