Monday, March 28, 2011

in japan:: lingerie woes

the japanese have a rather interesting concept in the underwear department. like the fashion, they go ALL out with mixing patterns, textures, lace, ribbons all mashed into one little thong. its fun and colourful and girly but honestly, its a little overwhelming. i risk sharing too much information but they are also VERY generous with the gel-padding. i like my girls au naturel, thank you very much. 

and oh! i totally dig furry textures but i prefer them on dogs and on stuff toys. and seriously, how do you wear them under tee-shirts & work shirts.. i really wonder. but as a last resort, i thought maybe i'd give it a go myself! 

dusty grey cottons & pink lace:: my all time favorite colour combi. 

i used my current undergarments as a pattern and whisked these out in less than an hour! very gratifying!

comfy and pretty loungewear.

BUT... absolutely zero support and very little coverage. so i guess back to online lingerie shopping. i've been wearing victoria's secret since college. they're cute and affordable and more importantly, they ship internationally. but if y'all have any other sweet suggestions, please send them my way!! appreciate it!! 



  1. same!!!! i love VS too. with the amazing exchange rate A$-> US$..... i've have my eye on a few pieces i'll be purchasing after easter.

    i really love 'elle macpherson' intimates as well. think you can buy them online from quite sure they ship to Japan. the website is very blaah and not conducive to impulse buy, but i guess thats good :)

    am blessed to live in Oz. i'd imagine the same woes if i was in "kawaii-land". good luck with teh search!!!

  2. sweetie! i swear by hanky panky underwear. most comfortable pieces ever!

  3. @guerrrilla

    they've having spring sale now! :) ooo thanks for the recommendations!! i'll definitely take a look at!

    and yayy the AUD!! (we have some investments locked in AUD)

  4. @e.e.kimmings

    thanks sweetheart!!! :) looks awesome!

  5. i love those! i can't believe you made them, they are so cute!


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