Monday, March 28, 2011

his four-legged child

sometimes i feel like we're an old married couple.

for one, we play the "YOUR child did (insert naughty move)" blame-game. like "daniel, YOUR dog just made a poo-ey. can you please clean it up?" or like "YOUR baby looks just like you with his yankee doodles!!" or "its freeeezing today. can you put some clothes on YOUR puppybear? he's going to catch a cold!". of course its not always negative. sometimes we have "look at MY dog! He is soooo cute!" and "awww.. hamming up to the camera, MY genes!"

but sadly, this is ultimate proof that, this dog still ain't my child.

have you EVER seen anyone as offended by footwear?

seriously.. need i mention that the new shoes are customized, winter-proof, skid-proof and stitched with love.. doesn't get better than that, mister-i-wanna-run-around-barefoot-and-get-all-dirty-like-my-DAD.


  1. Ooh somebody's NOT looking happy with his 'shoes', for sure! :)

  2. @Pamz TT

    i know! what a bummer... he tries to shake it off when i force him to wear it! :(

  3. hahaha... that look on his face!!!


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