Wednesday, March 16, 2011

happy things:: cute wall art for our home

im taking a break from the news and tweets. 

i've already limited my news sources to BBC and NHK. the pressure of being a 1-man newsroom, tackling really complex and technical press releases (which at the best of time is already beyond me) is wearing me down. im not entirely sure if the timeliness of news update is working for us or against us for now. i get updates that there is an earthquake COMING NOW!!! brace myself for yet another one only to realize that someone messed up the time and the information they read is a few hours late. and we already felt it. seriously... and just because everyone and their mother has a twitter account, does not make everyone a reporter! some of the tweets floating around are really mean and irresponsible. *sigh*

but yes. taking a break. 

before we got busy with nuclear stats and aftershocks, we were planning to buy a few cute pieces of "art" to doll up our wall. we're not really serious art collectors and my wall art concepts change ever so often so i thought - something fun that makes us smile and here are some of our top picks!

i've been wanting this illustrated world map by julie mercier for ages. my brother will give it to us as a housewarming gift! love!

 and this awesome city print! im also loving the paris & london one.. from cocas minimas on etsy.

our little promise to each other. from fifiduvie on etsy.

never too late for a little cup of tea. from restyleshop from etsy

this one is a little different from the colour scheme but equally rad. his zakka goods are adorable! from shinzi katoh

and of course, an adorable silhouette of our little bugger.

just looking at them make me happy! we have plans to frame them in white ribba ikea frames so when we move, we can roll up the art in a sleeve, toss the frames and buy new ones in whichever place we move to next. i'd be so thrilled when its all done! i can't wait till this cloud of uncertainty (and possible nuclear particle) clears up and spring to finally begin.

come soon, sunshine!


  1. omigosssh! that map is very adorable chic! reminds me of this ginormous wall map made of felt i've been meaning to get my future babies, though i doubt i'll have the time to sew 181 pieces of landmarks and animals on velcro when it happens. haHaha! loving your choice of graphic posters too. so friggin wikkid!! =)

    ya know i was a media professional for many years before i went back to uni again. i gotta say, citizen journalism has good intent, but i am in total agreement with everything you said about news and social networking platforms. i could go on and on..... but i'll just say your decision to syphon news sources is pure genius! good on ya!

    when everyone has something to say...... there's bound to be so much "noise"!!!!! dang. such an intelligent post. you just got 1000000000000x cooler in my books!!!!! ;)

  2. @guerrrilla

    i know EXACTLY which felt wall map you are referring to!! they have a flat version and a 3 d version! i am obsessed with felt & sewing but that seems like a major major project!


  3. I love the city prints!
    I always collect prints and artwork when i travel and i have such a random collection now that i have no idea how to tie it all together. So it all just sits in a box now :(

  4. Where did you get the silouhette print of musashi? soo cute! I might wanna get one done for each of the kids! =)

  5. zhiying,

    hugs. couldn't say more. hope the sun shines brightly soon! it really makes everything a little easier.

  6. @kennytricia

    I know what you mean that's why I'm fighting the urge to buy things now for our future home!! I'd imagine my taste to be so different in future!! ;)

    Take a few thematic ones n build on it!!

  7. @Pamz TT

    we designed it on photoshop! do you that program? if you do, i can send you a tutorial when this whole nonsense dies down!

    its super simple to make and you can print any size you need. fedex kinkos does a great job!

  8. @fenzc

    darling we are ok. the sun is brighter, air is clearer in nagoya. we could breathe for the first time in week. im probably exagerating!!

    but we are ok!!


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