Wednesday, March 23, 2011

::girls that make my world go round::

im not so good at dealing with real-life issues. heavy issues like politics & global warming. like most financial things. and like growing old. im so thankful i have a bunch of girls that i type random emails screaming "OMG! we like turn twenty-some-number-that-is-too-big-to-be-true this year! no freakin' way!!!" to and know that i'll get a "OMG no wayyyy..." or something sympathetic like that.

but i sometimes forget that my friend are all grown up and have real-life serious jobs.. until i see this gallivanting on the internet. 

allow me to swoon a little, but isn't she absolutely gorgeous?

*sigh* | source

while im still traipsing around town trying to figure out how many colours of petti-skirt i can possibly sneak into my wardrobe before the husband thinks he is married to a 6-year-old, she went to paris fashion week, saw my favorite fashion blogger in flesh AND got photographed in the streets!!! isn't that like the modern day fashion accolade??

how grown up is that!?! *tear*

cos i went back to work today minus my girlies and there was no one to laugh with. and cos one of our best friends are getting married this weekend and we can't make it back to singapore. and cos im trying to write a sensible "best lady" speech but can't get past "rachel and i go way back...". i miss my girls. golly! im getting all emotional and goopy here in tokes.


  1. your girliness is infectious and we all need a little of it in us, and u are the source of inspiration of all things girly :)

    Love the way u r

  2. @kennytricia

    *pout* i am complete ditzball when it comes to grown up things. it completely frustrates people around me sometimes though!

    at least you find you endearing! haha!

    love love!!

  3. Awww, she is absolutely gorgeous all right!!! <3 <3

  4. @Yi Lian

    one day when i grow up i wanna look just like her!

    p.s. you back in bali?


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