Thursday, March 24, 2011

diy craft:: photobooth at home

my blog is my little private space for me to toot my own horn.

i know, i know... i post "wow! zhing is so smart" crafts ALL the time, and "check out my cute puppy!" shots and "my husband is the sweetest m&m in the pack!" stories all the time. i apologise cos its really too much to bear. but you gotta do what you gotta do, y'know! :)

anyway, this is a new type of entry.

i've always fancies an idea of a photobooth in our home. a little corner of the home dedicated to daily shots, i was thinking more like this or this. so we can log our lives through pictures narcissism to the max! but the husband interpreted it a little differently. and came up with this.

guest bedroom transformed into a photography studio. profesh lighting and all! 

all using smart little diy ideas! 100 yen brolly fixed to an old tripod on a dowel to make a photographer light reflecting umbrella. back-lighting using some flashy gun. and a ton of weird picture things i don't understand. i'd totally post his diy efforts except i told him this blog's for fun pretty things. and he can start his own blog if he wants.. haha! but isn't this picture profesh??

oh! excuse the nappy hair and make-up-less-ness. this was literally like minutes before bedtime.

also minutes before his bedtime. and not looking pleased.

"ma.. i've got yankee doodles all over my head."

"okay. better now. thanks."

"dad. this photobooth rawks. but seriously. its minutes before bedtime, y'know?"

now all i have to do is to figure out a few fun backdrops and props to make so we can have a bit of narcissistic fun! yippee!! craft time! :)

p.s. in case you didn't already realize, this is a "aww..cute puppy", "OMG! zhing, put on some make up!!" and mostly, this is a "wow! i married the smartest bunny in the basket" sorta entry! all rolled into one! thanks for visiting our blog, folks! love you! :)


  1. i love the last picture with musashi sticking out his pink tongue!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous WITHOUT makeup!

  3. @Yi Lian

    thanks babe! you're too sweet! i wish i had those glowy fresh faced look instead of looking so haggard! :) but you made my day!

    janice & ann:: thanks heaps! our munchkin is adorable in picture but a terror in person!


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