Sunday, March 27, 2011

craft ideas:: halloween dress up

hear me out first... i know i'm about 6 months too early but i feel like good things need solid plans. so i've started to brainstorm halloween ideas for the family. we were caught a little ill-prepared last year amidst the relocation so the only one that dressed up was the boy. as an onigiri no less. for some odd reason, he has politely declined publicity of his pictures here. *shrug* such a wet blanket!!

but we all move on the bigger and better things! don't we?

inspired by the recent movie, and my favorite ballerina-obsessed ideas, i've decided that i wanna go as the black swan. this makeup tutorial is excellent. albeit a little scary when i first saw it. but actually, very stage-like and dramatic. 

im sooo excited i even have moves and background music for my "grand entrance"!!

not forgetting the boy, (costume concept pending on his approval), i have a good feeling about this. if i am the black swan, he'd naturally have to be a.. wait for it...

a WHITE swan!!

how rad will he look, right?

and our little muffin, i thought, could dress up as an ugly duckling. i don't wanna sound self-centered but i'd hate to be upstaged by my own dog. so he'd just have to be a little more subtle for once.

aren't they crazy cool ideas? i thought we'd dress up and bring the little one trick or treating. maybe crash someone's party. and then come home to take some family pictures. and hopefully this time round, we can convince the boy to let me share the pictures on this blog!! :) *fingers crossed*

hope you guys had a swell weekend! 


  1. i reckon we'll always be upstaged by our furry little monster children (costume or not!!) aHahaha!!

    gosh. Bjork is one of all time heroes. i absolutely adore that swan costume she wore. regardless of what the critics said, i thought she had the balls and carried it off very well.

    your hubby is such a dish. he could go as a giant white bin liner and still look hot. what more a swan costume. sheeesh. must be a guy thing. my fiance is soooo self-conscious as well. hi-5 to girl powaaar awesome-ness!! we rock ;) double dare the hubba.

  2. @guerrrilla

    you're hilarious!! :) i too LOVED that costume. i had it on my inspiration board years ago!!! :)

    i'll be sure to show him your dare this evening!



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