Friday, March 11, 2011

cos not everyday is all rainbows and sunshine..

... and not every craft is a major win, i thought its only fair i show you one of the not-so-awesome things i worked on last week.

can you even tell what it is? 

i was meant to be an easter bunny which i was gonna add to the easter baskets we're sending out.. but his face is a little urm.. messed up.

so i was going to toss him into the bin, until little musashi took a liking for bunnybuns.

the only person/toy allowed in his happy spot.

seriously though, bunny was set for success. check out his bunny tail & love shaped tattoo on his right butt cheek... they kinda play rough most of the time. i mostly worry for bunny cos he doesn't have teeth or hands to fight back.

but they always make up before bedtime. 

so i guess that means, we don't need to get musashi an easter gift! :)

bunny pattern | here


  1. hope u r not too badly hit by the earthquake

  2. hope you, the boy and musashi aren't affected by the quake !

  3. hope everything has been good for you! stay safe!

  4. @wl

    thanks honey! all ok. scary to watch the new from places so nearby though!

  5. haha.. musashi definitely appreciates your craftwork!!

    bunny looks ok to me, but since u're more perfectionist, try doing the face first if you're doing another!

  6. @June

    i won't make another! on top of being a perfectionist, im also a defeatist! haha!! :) my ego has been royally bruised.



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