Wednesday, March 30, 2011

candy buffet:: is it a boy or a girl??

gender reveal parties & announcements are so cute. actually i think that any excuse to throw a party is cute. i first read of it from here and the story made me a little gooey and cuddley from the inside.. but omg! isn't this taking it one step further??

any party involving a themed candy buffet has my heart... especially if its styled by candy buffet extraordinaire, amy atlas.  i'd die to spend a day in her workshop watching her work her magic. today i found pictures of a candy buffet, featured on her blog. i've always had a crush on lemony yellow dots (as you can tell from our engagement party) so these pictures totally rocked my world today!!

im all gushy.. but its sooooo adorable!

"bettijo and aimee of pagingsupermom threw a little party to reveal the gender of bettijo’s unborn baby to her close friends and family.  the ladies used bettijos cravings as the theme of the dessert table and the color palette used was neutral as nobody at the party knew the sex of the baby, including bettijo and her husband.  this was accomplished by asking their ultrasound tech to write on a notecard the gender and put it in a sealed envelope. aimee then took the sealed notecard to a party store along with a big white box and asked the sales clerk to look at the notecard and fill the box with either pink helium balloons for a girl or blue helium balloons for a boy.  at the party, each guest was asked to put on a flair pin of what they thought the baby would be.  at the end, the box was opened and the balloons revealed..." 

::story from her blog::

hmmm salty popcorn...

what a cute idea! i wonder if they used any of the names they got! :) 

and a chalk board to keep tally of everyone's predictions! 

itsy pink buttons!! not to be a spoiler but they're expecting a little girlie!!

girls are the BEST!!! :) huzzah!!

p.s. just jumping a gun a little, but no. we are not expecting! :)


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