Sunday, February 20, 2011

what i wore:: the equestrian inspired fashion

this past winter, i've been mildly obsessed with achieving the perfect equestrian-inspired look.

just for the records, i blame it entirely on my tall prada riding boots. it is after all my only indulgence of the season. so i've been building my wardrobe all around it. classic & preppy collared shirts, tailored coats, fitted cut-off-your-blood-supply pants, slouchy nude saddle bags, luxurious scarves & twillies..


giddy up!

i was in two minds about this particular loose fitting equestrian-printed shirt. at first glance, it was a little too much. but eventually when my size went on sale, i took took that as a sign. and decided i'd wear it to india. but hold on to your saddles, mes amies. the story doesn't end there...

 i must admit i was initially feeling kinda good about the look. behind my rock-star shades, the world always feels like a kinder place.

but of course, someone sweet had to tell me that my outfit reminded them of rosie phua from the popular singaporean sitcom - phua chu kang. not a compliment by any measure. from her flowy over-the-top silk blouse to her outrageous make up & jewellery. everything screams obnoxious!!

haha!! reality check! glad i have pals that remind me to take my literal interpretation in fashion down a notch.

p.s. i still wear them in tokyo. because i think i can get away with craziness in this city i live in. i'll just try not to pair it with neon polka dotted tights that often. :)


  1. btw how do u reply to a particular person's comments? i notice when u post replys, it gets linked to the person, but i can't seem to do it on mine...

  2. @kennytricia

    you mean like this? im not sure if im doing it right...

    but i reckon if i had a whole chunk of responses from people, and i responded to one, everyeone else will read it too??

  3. Yes, like what u just did... where it shows 'zhing said @kennytricia' how did u do it?

    And thanks for the comment on the Brooklyn pics :) the youtube link is fixed now too... someone just told me i had set the video to private... its public now :)

  4. @kennytricia

    i'll leave you an email on the code that i use! :)

    i think if i type the code here, it'll become a urm.. code. if you know what i mean! :)

  5. hahahahahaah! especially with the fur collar and drop earrings... :P

    it's a nice shirt though- pair it with something edgier like a pair of leather shorts and ankle boots (ok, maybe not so you)... hehe

  6. @Tricia

    *throws in the towel* i give up trying to be trendy!!

    i'll just to the layered mismatched look!!

    and you're right babe, ankle boots.. i love but doesn't work for me!

  7. okay, or wear it tucked in with skinny jeans and a dressier belt, and with your boots. simple and chic. no fur collar and pearl accessories with this top!

  8. @Tricia

    yes mdm! those damn japanese ladies.. they inspired me to buy this ridiculously itchy fur collar!!



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