Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend adventures:: kichijoji, tokyo

as promised earlier in the week, if musashi was game for it, we were all going to head to inokashira park in kichijoji. fortunately for us, we had a direct train there so we strapped him into his baby sling and off we went. he snuggled comfortable between us, plastered his head on the window and watched the suburban cityscape swoosh by him with such intrigue! :)

looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed
there was a weekend market with something for everyone. i absolutely love weekend markets!! but this "shop" is interesting! these ladies sat on little stools enthralled by the comic-reader's story!

we met some awesome pets.. (with their equally awesome owners.)

not too shabby...

 even though you can't do this... YET!!!

musashi is not good with other animals but he's a favorite among all the babies! they yell "one-chan" (puppy!!!) and they all wanted to pats on the head. he would patiently stand still and wag his tail and return their love in kisses on their little hands. oh so very sweet...

inokashira park is known for their hanami festivals (cherry blossom) but the little buds of spring were too cute to miss! 

ma..... im a TAD bit embarrassed. its kinda unmanly to pose with a pink flower.

he was so pooped from his adventure, he voluntarily walked into his basket and had daddy carry him all the way home without a peep. he also turned into a grey dog from all the walking and leaves little grey paw prints all over our home!! yikes! time for a huge soap bath again!! :)

thanks for visiting! hope you have a wonderful week ahead!



  1. Hey! Musashi, so happy to see you recovering , you like as sweet as the baby in his pram,cheer!Me, looking for ward to cuddle you, softie!!!

  2. I just love reading about your little Musashi! =) I have a little Cairn Terrier myself. Are dogs allowed on Japanese trains? I have never seen them while visiting Tokyo.

  3. @fernoftheforest79

    yeah they're allowed on trains. on the regular metro & JR trains, just as long as they're in carriers they're quite alright. on the shinkansen, you're meant to buy a ticket for your pet.

    but musashi is so tiny and snuggley we get away with carrying him on his doggie sling! :)

  4. omg, i wana teach my dog to skateboard too! That is when i do get a dog :)

    Cool! And Mus def looks like he is good again to be tugging on his lease like that :)

  5. @kennytricia

    such a cool skill right? all the girls were going gaga over the dog on the skateboard! :)

    thanks hon! and yes, our baby is back in action!


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