Monday, February 21, 2011

wardrobe help:: this or that?

over the weekend, i picked up a plain grey cardi that was cozy and fit great! an excellent basic for work but this evening im going on a date with daniel and there is absolutely NOTHING to wear!!

i thought to wear my new cardi and add a little "zhing" to it kinda like the gorgeous ones they have in anthropologie. so i whisked up these two little corsages but i can't decide which one!! what do you think?

a whimsical mix of yellows, greys and tulle. i added a little sequins to the center so it'll sparkle a little.

i made this a fun piece with crazy colours for mum. but she gave me the green light to take it out first!

what do you think??



  1. i love the yellow and grey one.

  2. yellow and grey one!

  3. @Boon Siang

    thanks ma!! :)

    tricia :: i wore the felt one in the end. thought it was brighter and happier for dinner! :)

  4. exactly what i felt :)

    bright and cheery, just like u


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