Sunday, February 13, 2011

valentines: b mine

do you celebrate valentines' day?

i don't quite but i'll take flowers anyday! in japan, they celebrate feb 14 with the ladies presenting their darlings with boxes of chocolates. usually pink and all dolled up. and one month later, on white day, the boys return the favour with chocs/gifts/rings etc. its fascinating cos it technically  means the girlies have to make the first move, right? and then wait for a month to see if dude loves you back!? but im loving the abundance of chocolates in stores and pink-everything-imaginable!!

i have some little valentines project up my sleeves and hopefully it'll work out ok! :) but if you don't already have plans, this one is brilliant! whether you're running out of gift ideas, eco-friendly or just excited to share a little more lovin', these e-cards are the perfect solution! the gallery is gorgeous and so so spoilt for choice!!

kate spade has totally up the ante again!! there's no excuse now for forgetting to send your valentines! :)

btw, which one is your favorite? im in love with the third one (caitlin mcgauley). i've traded in my uber cute 2010 organizer for a zen muji one. and am missing the whimsical quotes and watercolour paintings already!! now, to draw up a list of who to send it to!!

** am having a giggle over this post from 3 years ago. dated back when we were in we'rekindadatingbutnotquitethereyet mode.


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