Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i wanna be their soul sister, real life sister and everything....

right around our weddings, my brother was really into this song. they were strumming it day and night on the guitar. the last time that happened, they put together a little surprise number at our engagement party. which was soooooo sweet!! so, being preemptively excited and very self-centered, i'd asked them excitedly if they were practising it to sing for me at our wedding. only to be told flatly, 

"jie, you are not my soul sista, la..."


till today, i must admit it still stings a little. but loving this version from glee.


  1. i think i'm beginning to like glee...very much. :)

  2. @fenzc

    its freakin awesome!! we're completely addicted! are you up to date?? you should find the past episodes too! they have some great episodes in each season!!!! :)


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