Sunday, February 27, 2011

favorite things:: pancakes in tokyo

it's a shame i'm not home with my babies! but in hopes that he'll one day be an excellent athlete, daniel has taken the puppy to cheer on the tokyo marathon runners!! genki des!!

but since i'm neither at home nor doing anything vaguely healthy right this moment, i'll share our little fun trip to a cute lil pancake house yesterday afternoon! sunday morns... what better timing to talk about pancakes!!

 i got drawn in by the cutie store front and the drippy stack of pancakes....

hello pancake!

im a sucker for adorable branding and great food presentation so i'll totally go back! don't get me wrong.. they were decent pancakes but nothing awe-inspiring or life changing! i kinda prefer places that give you extra serves of condiments when requested. its not a huge deal (50 yen) for a little bit more maple syrup but its kinda petty and awkward to request for a top-up. imho.

that being said, it was a cosy little corner with great interior decor. it totally feels like a happy sunny day indoor. and they have a whole bunch of paraphanelia, pancake book, little pin badges, letter paper... which i kinda went gaga over. and they have these little mini-pancake looking nibblets, great for serving with a hot cuppa coffee at home!! and you walk out with the same goofy smile on your pancake. that's kinda what all pancakes are for, isn:t it?

{pancake days}
address:: 1-3-9 Gotenyama 1-3-9 Musashino, Tokyo
1F Flat 1F Gotenyama
outlets also in:: harajuku


  1. hmm, love pancakes too!!! it's really nice morning food!

  2. @fenzc

    oh man! i miss my regular pancake joints in singapore!! hmm... i wish every morning was a pancake & brunch day!


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