Friday, February 18, 2011

crafts:: a black knit doggie sweater

it's friday, loves! what are your weekend plans? im meeting a girlfriend whose in town for some shopping in omotesando,  fun in a toy museum and maybe some craft shopping too! im so excited!!

i have some pictures to share from a recent project i worked on. a few weeks ago, we were pet-shopping when we spotted a black knit doggie sweater we both loved. it was chic and timeless and something we'd both totally wear. and don't all the stylish people in the fashion world wear black?? but alas! the freakin' price tag read 6990 yen! seriously!?! a doggie sweater!? so we reluctantly put it back on the shelves. i made a mental note to head back to check if it goes on sale.

last week, i was shopping at forever21 with the darlings from work (don't you just LOVE that place?). and i spotted this black beanie with great potential.

originally 799 yen marked down to 249 yen!!

and actually looked quite cute on me. (but decided i shan't be selfish.)

first, i split the beanie with a seamripper. knot the loose ends as you snip so it doesn't unravel.

and there you have it! a good piece of knit! i love the loose chunky textures of the knit. gives it a nice texture.

i cheated and used one of his sweaters as a pattern. (but you know what i mean by his wardrobe being a little.. urm.. colourful?)

anyway, i gotta apologise... after that i got into "the craft zone". the same one where unless there's a fire, i'm not meant to be disturbed. i forgot i'd wanted to take pictures for a tutorial. next time i guess!

tadah! a little knit sweater for the muffinpie.

"thanks ma. i love it. best top ever!!", i quote.

i love his peek of chest hair! so man-dogly! :)

it keeps him snug as a bug during winter! and all for 249 yen (and 30 minutes of his mum's time) not too bad!

note:: thanks everyone for submitting a comment for the giveaway! i goofed up the ending date, its not due today. its due on tuesday, feb 22 so keep the comments rolling in!! :)

happy weekend, folks! :)


  1. That was a great repurposed job! Well done!

  2. Great job....musashi looks great!! How ingenious...

  3. so cute ! my mom has a dog so she would love this .

  4. thanks guys! :) it was super quick and simple!


  5. dude, i might need to start a musashi fan club soon if you keep on posting this darn adorable pictures!


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