Wednesday, February 16, 2011

celebrations:: valentine's day in japan

as with most things, the japanese have a fascinating way to celebrate valentines' day. the "local" way of celebrating usually involves the ladies presenting tokens of love (in the form of chocolates) to people around them.

there are three categories of valentine's chocolates : the giri choco (obligatory ones for bosses & colleagues), honmei choco (for the love of their lives) and tomo choco (chocs for your girlfriends).

and in a lot of cases, they handmake these little treats. so, department stores and all kinds of little shops have been displaying baking accessories for choco-making since christmas! the cutie moulds in all shades of pink! so fun! :) and exactly one month later (march 14), its the boys' turn to reciprocate and return gifts to the girls.

well, we kinda celebrated it the old-fashioned way, over burgers and snow. and..

 the best things come in brown paper packages wrapped up in string... 

my valentine delivered a huge bunch of cherry blossoms on his bicycle at lunch time!

musashi LOVED the whole hoopla and is so thrilled when some of them started falling off. i think this little munchkin will have a ball during cherry blossom festival! :)

and the promise of spring to come!


  1. I really love cherry blossoms. I used to live in both Japan and Washington DC of which are both famous for their cherry blossoms. I always loved the sense of hope I got from them. Thanks for the wonderful reminder!

  2. i can't wait for cherry blossoms festival to come! the japanese roll out their picnic mats and celebrate it like a huge party! :) how fun!

  3. Guess what? I have a cherry blossom tree IN MY BACKYARD! When we moved in, I stared at the very random, planted right in the middle of the garden tree with doubt. THEN, the whole damn thing turned PINK! My favourite! :)

  4. @sharon

    awww jealous!!! i totally want a cherry blossom tree!! i could do with any tree. actually scratch that!!! a garden would be good enough!!!


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