Tuesday, February 22, 2011

back to the future

old pictures make me smile. you dig them up once in a blue moon and each time they get funnier and better! :) but seriously what do you do with your old pictures? we have an tonne of them at home and with the exception of digging them out to use as wedding table numbers, i have no clue what's meant to happen to them. 

recently, a photo project by irina werning caught my eye (via cup of jo), she works with people to replicate an old picture!! hence the title :: back to the future. i think she is pure genius. you should definitely check out her website! im loving her doggie projects too.. but yes! back to the future!

aren't they utterly precious? down to the tiny ruddy cheeks and smocking dresses! such a darling.. 

i would love to have my all time favorite picture replicated! this is me and brother #1 on a sunny afternoon in melbourne enjoying a picnic! you see how i needed to sit delicately on a little white hankie? evidently, i've been a fusspot since a very young age!

well, i had some explaining to do when i asked my dad to scan the above picture for this entry at midnight.. but then, he too got interested in the project but felt like this would be a quicker way to do it...

its not perfect but you gotta love my dad for trying!! ;) xx


  1. your dad is so funky! so cute la. photoshop not easy k. i once tried to do a self-learning module. take me one whole day for a project. wonder how people conceive such beautiful ideas!- ah fenz.

  2. i think you'll have to "kill" your bro to get him to wear the same clothes as that in the picnic photo..

  3. @June

    haha!! :) probably! baby blue jumper with white socks!! haha!! but good thing is, he still has that mop of hair!!

    i'd totally wear what i wore!


    fenzc:: yeah! dad is hilarious! and i gave up on photoshop long time ago!!

  4. haha your dad is hilarious!

  5. @sillyfaery

    isn't he? i love it that he is as "into" my projects as i am! :)


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