Friday, January 7, 2011

you're the colour in my life...

i'm drawn to the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics of Japanese homes. largely inspired by muted colours and minimalist design  we focused on space-saving solutions and tried to keep the clutter to bare minimum. we wanted our furniture to be simple, clean and white.

ever since we've became foster parents to little pups, our home has been utter chaos. its frankly not entirely musashi's fault because at the same time, our apartment became home to the entire cheng clan for a month, BUT i would religiously clean up over the family and tuck things away from sight. but for little musashi, we bend the rules left, right and center.

when he arrived, he came with a whole bunch of mismatching doggie tees, a tartan red blanket, bright yellow day bed, a rattan cage, multicolour leash and a neon green harness. kudos to him for coming in white himself but everything he came with was in colours of the rainbow. he's a little one but he has a knack for dragging his toys and leaving them strewn all over the house.

and as if its not bad enough, as of last night, we have A HOBO sleeping in our living room!

this is how it began. inspiration struck late one evening...

and his uncle yewteng wanted to make something from cardboard boxes and some duct tape!

say what? that's craziness... but he sure did! :)

introducing prototype number one. musashi is looking very skeptical...

a little shove in the right direction..

after a few modifications, he ended up with his.

i was mopping down the hardwood floors this morning so i placed his new chapel on the sofa.. he followed suit and slept next to his home. the munchkin looks like a baby seal in this picture. but now he is so attached to his new home, we don't have the heart to throw it away.

so great. now we have to live with random cardboard bits lying around the house. *sigh* how minimalistic, huh?

favorite spot in the day!

thanks, uncle yewteng!!! you should consider a career in architecture!


  1. that is adorable!
    i'm sure if rosco or sally were there, they'd want to hijack the cubby!

  2. dogs are like kids. once you have them, you can forget about having anything pristine! my white couch has turned grimey from one of my brats sneaking a nap (and drooling) on it whenever i'm not around...sigh.

  3. i reckon they'd have a great time together! :)
    come visit soon!

  4. i know, right?? such a lucky munchkin!
    there is not one day we go out and not pick up something indulgent for him!! *sigh*

  5. I wish!!!!!
    I have a feeling you guys will make it back before we make it anywhere with little babyroo!

  6. we'll be here till 2012! plenty time for the little bub to grow up! :)
    ooo i can't wait to see little O!!!

  7. and here i was innocently thinking that he's such a good pup that i'd be able to keep the house neat and clean!

  8. he looks cute from every angle. (I think)

  9. thanks thanks! we think so too!
    we've taken so many pictures in the past month!!


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