Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wardrobe envy: emma pillsbury

i've hit a work clothes rut. according to work rules, im HAVE to wear business suits, shirts and proper shoes. to err on the safe side, i've been loading up on my blacks but i end up looking so downy and matronly in them! i can't wait till my probation ends, then i'll burst out the pink tweed suits and red skirts!!

one of my favorite style icon is emma pillsbury from glee, the germophobe cutie of a teacher. not so much her character but her wardrobe has been consistently adorable and completely wearble! im always like "OMG, i need that necklace!!" and "damn that sweater!!". then swing into full "NEED TO GET THAT!!" mode...

aww.. i still have a soft spot for red coats..

p.s. im a huge gleek. i've been watching since season one and have been a huge fan of its awesome-ness. i mean there is singing, dancing, great costumes, hunk-fest and a little bit of high school drama.. what more can you ask for right?

she has the cutest sweaters.. and great hair..

and her accessories are spot on! been loving this piece forever..

i been searching high and low and apparantly it was from target but sold out!!

her outfits are always so well put-together. and always in the prettiest colours! she loves her yellows, purples and bows. and her lady-like kitten heels are always so chic.

im not really a fashionable person. so i can't really put my finger on it. but think anthropologie meets j-crew in a quirky way! 

on the last episode, when she wasn't busy breaking will schuester's heart, she wore this completely lust-worthy wintercoat. soooo cute i needed to jump up and google her outfit immediately..

and found it here!

dang! thats one cute swing coat and on sale too!! if only i had to guts to spend this much on a winter coat!! 

p.s isn't the model holding up the carrots so adorable too?? cuteness overdose. kate spade, you get me all the time!!!


  1. I'm a huge gleek too!!!
    Star World (on cable) is going to show Season 2 soon. I can't wait and i've been watching bits & pieces from Youtube. Haha...
    I like Diane pretty!

  2. the boy is a huge fan of diana agron. she is growing on me too! :)
    yayy for proper tv! i've been very very deprived...

  3. but i never wore business suits when i was teaching, ALTHOUGH leggings and close-toed shoes were a definite must. i mean, i wear leggings to work in SINGAPORE everyday now :P
    i think we girls have it a lot easier than the men who always came in boring old shirts, pants and tie, but i found that i often got away with a nice dress paired with a suit jacket, or shirt and pants funked up with a vest... i am just not a matching suit type person.
    maybe aoyama/roppongi is a little stricter on their dress code though... thank God i was waaaay out in atusgi with my housewife, kiddies and car designers! :P

  4. seriously?? im jealous! :(
    everyone in my school wears them. boys get away with shirt, sweater and tie combi but girls are always in blah suits!! isn't it warm to wear leggings in singapore? :)

  5. I hear you girl! totally totally agree. my hubby gets very amused when i squeal with her outfits when we watch the show. he goes like, "she's so kooky!" i go, "ya, which only makes her more adorable!" :P

  6. Yes i cannot wait! Season 2 starts end Jan on Star World. Heh...

  7. her entire wardrobe is drool-worthy!
    *sigh* i need to learn how to blow-dry my hair!!

  8. im not so much a fan of her character though!! she's kinda indecisive and breaks will schuester's heart all the time...
    but i must admit her quirks and her voice makes her adorable!!

  9. her style is SO sweet... and it totally fits your style!
    on lj i joined a glee community that figures out what they wear.. check it out in my profile! lots of jcrew but i see some forever 21 stuff too!

  10. Cool!! Thanks for the tip!!
    I like what she wears and her hair!! Wish I had someone ironing, blow drying and dry cleaning the sweaters for me though!!! Ah the perils of working girls' life!!!


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