Friday, January 21, 2011


we've been getting these looks ALL day long...

say hello to the most miserable wolf dog in sheep's clothing..

he has also been letting out these teeny weeny whimpers. it kinda breaks my heart.. when my back was turned, he jumped into our luggage bag and burrow his head in, completely forgetting his entire bumbums is sticking out. okay, i confess my dog is a few fruitloops shy of a full bowl. *sigh*

daddy.. would you plueeeese stay with meee??

well... anyway, we're off on our indian adventure this evening and will be there for the weekend!! it's our first & we're attending our best friends' wedding so we're extremely excited!! it might be a little quiet here because we're not bringing our phone and laptop! (also a first!!)

this weekend, i hope someone will sweep you off your feet and dance a little!!! have a good one! :) 



  1. HAVE FUN!!!
    P.s. Got your note and we had fun in NY :)

  2. just got back!! :)
    yayyy did you buy LOTS in NYC!? i kinda went crazy with the shoes last trip we visited!!!

  3. Shoes? Darn, i totally didn't get a single pair!!
    Bought a couple of stuff but was too lazy to peel away my layers half the time.
    But i finally saw Lanvin for H&M!!! Unfortunately i didn't get any from the collection. Too way over the top for me :(

  4. i know what you mean!! clothes shopping can be a pain in winter..
    but shoes!! they are SUPER easy! :) i got 9 pairs in the first 5 days and had to slow down cos of luggage allowance!
    yeah! i knnow what you mean about the lanvin collection!! i felt that a little too!! :) new collaboration coming out soon! so excited!

  5. Actually not really cos of all that sludge, my boots were soaking wet and as such stinking half the time! I didn't dare take them off least i killed someone with that stink.

  6. ohright!! winter boots!! haha!! :)
    you're hilarious! can't wait to see your pictures on your blog!

  7. As usual i have way too many photos. Will have to plough through them soon.
    I was writing my entries in the evenings and K was like, why no pictures? And i was like, you wana help me downsize the pics? :)

  8. teeheee! :) the two of you are too cute!
    yeah! get K to help with pictures! then he can contribute to the blogging too!!!

  9. do you carry a huge ass camera around?? how come you need to downsize??
    i have a little digi cam and i plug it right in and upload!

  10. haha, nope, mine is a point and shoot, but the file size is still really big and that will take me a while to load if i don't downside it :) And i still haven't learnt how to downsize by batch. I know u can do that but only if i knew how to. That would save me a lot of time, but i'm not good with the Adobe bridge.

  11. Oh! Is there've reason why you take pics in such high res? I take my point n shoots in medium res and it can be uploaded immediately from camera to flickr!
    Daniel uses lightroom to resize but I think windows has some basic batch resize software too! Batch rename also can!!

  12. Haha, cos as it is, i am using a very old canon. And there was once i shot an entire trip in low res and when i wanted to do anything with the photos after i came back, the quality sucked. So thereafter, i just shot everything in hi res.
    I should really learn these batch resize soon. Its such a pain to resize them.
    Am having quite a lot of fun using Picasa now. Just did vids for the trip in HD. Have done 4 today already (have attached them to my prev posts)! They are so easy to use.

  13. so des ne!! :)
    ooo i'll go check out your videos! i've been spoilt and have not used any photo editing software since uni! :) but picasa sounds easy enough!!
    just wondering if i should change blog page. what do you think of blogspot?


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