Wednesday, January 5, 2011

one pampered pooch

we embrace his fussiness because we're the same too. so we give him allowances for his low-fat chicken only diet, his fussy toilet habits and his penchant for dressing up, we also accept. we're in japan and i guess it's the land of pampered pooches. and for the record, his haircut is more expensive than mine. but we draw the line at manicures, dying his hair and full day pet spas. he does use organic lavender doggie shampoo and likes his daily massages. what can we say? he is a precious dog.

one of the things we were worried about before deciding to adopt musashi was a baby-sitter. we were going to india very soon and will be away for a while. leaving him alone at home already breaks our heart and more than that, we needed someone reliable to take care of him. here were our options:

1) have a friend come over.
2) pet sitter
3) pet hotel

with the first option, we don't know anyone that we could possibly trouble to come babysit him. not everyone is a dog person and it was such a huge favour to ask. so we crossed that one out. option 2 was the most viable. it involved paying someone to come twice a day to come feed and walk him. but since we weren't in town it meant that our home would be open to a stranger for XX days putting everything else we own a little at risk. and the last and most common option was nice and japan has no lack of nice pet hotels. you can even get one with a private room, daily massages and dog classes but dear little fusspot of us HATES other dogs and doesn't like using the bathroom in unfamiliar places. they were also usually quite pricey..

so after evaluating our options, we decided on option #4 - fly our brother in from hawaii. by far the cheapest and easiest fly-in option and he was happy to. sounds a little extreme, right? but we really want him not to feel abandoned and be comfortable at home. his baby uncle also loves him to bits. at the same time, we shortened our trip to a mere 3 days so we won't be away for too long.

just last week, we called his grand-dad from australia wishing him happy new year and updated him a little on our travel plans. and he saw his (potential) grand-pup on skype for the first time... next thing we knew, he emailed us his flight confirmation from melbourne to tokyo. just to babysit and spend some quality time with his grand-pup alone. awwwww.... isn't that sweet?

musashi, you're one very lucky puppy dog!

we hope we can officially call you ours this saturday!! xx


  1. oh my! he is indeed a lucky little pooch! Grand dad is definitely going to spoil the lil fella!

  2. I think I missed your entries of on this cutie pie, anyway do enjoy India and u will b back in no time!

  3. anything for the darling!!
    your FIL is sooo cute!

  4. Funny how these little critters just wiggle their way into our hearts yeah? :)Musashi's one lucky baby indeed!

  5. Yeah! You bet!
    I think having him made us realize the importance of having family around when there is a baby (dog) in the house... *sigh*

  6. Yeah!! My brother said he puts a bright spark in everyone's eyes... I agree!!
    Plus having a pet's great practice for parenthood!! ;) are you a dog or cat person?

  7. At this point, anything goes!! We are saving like crazy on ourselves but when it comes to him, it's nothing but the best.
    Daniel is happy to sink in more money for his traveling bag than his own camera bags.. Talk about selfless sacrifice?!!

  8. Hope we will too!! We're headed up to Calcutta.. The visa process n air tickets has been nothing but a nightmare!! N we need vaccination!!!

  9. D's a super doting papa!
    im sure he'll be like this too when it comes to your kiddos next time :)

  10. haha!! im sure too, which kinda makes me a little worried too!
    i hate being the bad cop but someone has to discipline, no?

  11. ya lor. cant have both parents be super indulging!

  12. Most definitely a cat person! Although I love dogs as well. My dream home comprises of my hubby and myself, as well as a snobbish cat and a large goofy dog. :)

  13. Awww that's a cute family... ;)
    My dream family is me, Daniel and a dog! A itsy bitsy one.. Musashi is getting really round!! Haha..

  14. Looks like your dream family is materialising! I'll wait a couple more years, then I'll install grilles in my windows and get a cat!

  15. grills in the windows? will they climb?
    my friends stay on the 4th floor and they have an open balcony and open door concept. so far, the cats have been behaving..

  16. They will definitely climb! The climbing isn't the problem, the leaping out of the window is. This lady I know had a Persian kitten which fell to its death from her flat on the 14th storey, very sad... I also nearly had a heart attack when I was fostering my two kittens. One of them managed to sneak out of the room and the next thing I knew, it was 5cm away from the window sill. I never moved so fast to shut my windows before!
    So yeah, it's a toss between window grilles (which I hate) and having kitties. But I strongly suspect the latter will win, heh...


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