Monday, January 10, 2011

one of my favorite christmas memory..

sharing a cuppa in our neighbourhood cafe with mummy & tengsypoops...

a charming boy with an equally charming coffee mug.

you know a place is special when they pay special attention to their crockery! mismatching shabby chic decor with a european touch. from the first time i found this gem of a cafe, i've been in love.

best part is.. its 1 minute away from home! :)

hot chocolate on a cold wintry morning is absolute bliss. this is me, makeup-less and goofy!

i believe it's part of the owner's home, maybe her own kitchen even! filled with adorable touches and candles. i've not asked for permission to take pictures of the decor but when i learn japanese (in 5 days!!) i will ask her. the boss lady is adorable too, she takes coffee making very seriously with thermometers, freshly ground on the spot beans and ecclectic mix of sugar bowls.. tres chic!

and her buttered chunks of freshly baked bread is to die for... evidently.

Shinjuku Sanei Bldg 2F 25-33
Along Arakicho
By Train: Yotsuya 3chome on the Marunouchi-sen


  1. Hun I completely adore how cute your family is! :) when I grow old, I would like to have this with my kiddos!

  2. you will!!
    that's what you get for being/having a young and hip momma! she's like a friend to us!

  3. bring us thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG I love that polka dotted tea cup!

  5. I was so sold the first time I was served hot chocolate innsuch a cute bowl...

  6. Haha.. It's very near to my place. ;)
    Shouldn't be an issue!!!

  7. Mmmmm that gives me inspiration to look for a tea set ;) Since we are drinking out of water glasses and it's impractical for hot tea.

  8. yeah! a tea set is such a fun thing to shop for!
    im in two minds. i started out with a dainty china tea cup set but realized its impractical for everyday drinking! am wondering if i should start a everyday tea MUG concept!
    what are you after??

  9. Ooh a dainty china tea set is nice only if you are drinking tea. I don't take coffee but B.T and guests do so i'll get more of a mug concept which is more versatile and brillant for space saving in a studio!
    Something like the polka dot or slightly smaller - mismatched! So each has a different personality :)

  10. ooo maybe you wanna check out cath kidston's collection! they're adorable! (all their things are super cute.. im a little obsessed!)
    they have dots, stars, little dogs.. all the happy things in life printed on a mug!

  11. Ok! Let me google on that! I trust your taste :P
    It's a pity your next return here is too short otherwise I'll invite you over and we can trade ideas on decorating a small space.

  12. i'd love to come see the studio! :) and share a cuppa using your new mugs!!

  13. You're definite most welcome! Hope the mugs will be in by then. I've loads of tea :P


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