Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year resolution #4: daily goals streamlined

life's kinda hectic. i don't really have a big project on hand but daily things do get kinda crazy. we're always running here to buy something, rushing there to sort out something else, squeezing in a quick visit to check out a new activity. im queen of multitasking. and thats just weekdays. running around like headless chicken takes the joy out of everything. i gulp down my teas instead of sipping them and im usually pooped by the end of the day.

so this year, i resolve to focus on ONE project a day.

take life in the fun lane, remember birthdays and live in the now.

today, im not feeling too sunny. brother #1 has left for blizzardy cold london, work's started for both of us and the rest of the family will leave in the next 24 hours. i made this pin to wear on my blazer at work. kinda how i feel...

hello. please meet mr rain.

this part of holiday vacations, i hate. :(


  1. Aww.. cheer up...
    But thats a really cute 'sad' rain cloud!
    Just curious, do u hand sew all the edges together? Or u can actually do that with the machine?

  2. hahaha we must be soul mates! when i first came to sing heart-broken, i was out with lian when i saw an acrylic laser-cut brooch of a rain with a sad face, and i bought it to pin on my clothes too... all we nanyang girls, so drama! :P
    let me know how work goes, i am starting my first day at the british council today and am super nervous!
    p/s: it's (and i am still keeping as a photoblog too!)

  3. Awwww babe.. You are definitely my soulmate!!! I figured i should make a happier one tomorrow..
    Gambatte!! I'm teaching this evening n will be thinking of you..
    Thanks for the link!! I'll be reading!! Am thinking of changing blog platform. Am irked by this layout.. Suggestions??

  4. Thanks babe.. I still have the baby brother with me so I'm very very clingy today...:)
    This one I hand stitched with blanket stitch. You can also machine stitch but it was really tiny and a lot faster just by hand...

  5. wahliew this brooch is totally cute!

  6. thanks babe...
    im sure you know how i feel...

  7. cuteness! but so sad!
    chin up babe! all good things must come to an end. but that's why we have HOPE, for MORE good things to come!

  8. i know! :(
    its so hard to be far away from home!! oh well! next fmaily holiday then!!!


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