Monday, January 3, 2011

new year resolution #3: more sophisticated stitches

i have great plans for my little sewing machine this year!

i wanna make more bags, i wanna make more homey things, i wanna make clothes! :) tokyo is a dream come true for zakka adicionados!! im already a frequent visitor to nippori but i want to explore all the different craft areas to get a better idea of the tools.

as part of this resolution, i'd have to pick up japanese so i can read the books and instructions better. at present, poor daniel is translating everything word for word and starting to build up quite a strong craft vocabulary. so language classes are in the order.


  1. Aww, so nice of Daniel to translate your craft book for you...

  2. his jappy muz be darn good to be able to translate everything!!!!?

  3. and the instruction of my sewing machine too! he is a semi-expert on crafts now...

  4. yeah he has business level japanese, quite useful in navigational situations!

  5. oh! have fun sewing!!! i can sense the excitement!

  6. Japan is such a conducive environment for crafting!! I'm so inspired by the crafts here!!
    You would too!!


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