Tuesday, January 11, 2011

成人の日 & a major sum-up

we just enjoyed a long weekend because of Seijin no Hi (coming of age day), where 20 year olds celebrate their adulthood and people wear pretty kimonos around in town! even though i had to pop into work for half a day of work on sunday, i'm all rejuvenated and happy from having a quiet weekend at home. i did nothing but tidy up the home and organized wardrobes, pet supplies and the poor coughing machine has been working around the clock!

also took the opportunity to get reacquainted with my sewing machine! oh how i've missed you!

made myself a little camera pouch..

love my lauduree fabric!! uber adorable! i have a matchy hankie to go with this pouch!

whipped up some of these pretties for the mother in law...

we spent the rest of the day curled up in blankies with the little pooch, a huge pot of pumpkin soup & garlic toast and introduce the japanese bath to him. musashi seem to enjoy bath-time a lot more when his papa is around so i guess from now on, it would be a family affair! :)

i realized it's time to wrap up my new year resolutions and start making concrete plans! so i'll finish off with this last one, an oldie but definitely a goodie. we did it last year to save up for our wedding and it was a major success! following that, we had half a year-full of celebrations, followed by a huge move and i blame it mostly on the insanely adorable stores in japan, our bank account has been looking a little sad. and im a huge advocate of financial security. so in summary, this year i resolve to...

celebrate big events and little adventures...
2) try something new
3) improve my sewing skills
4) streamline our daily goals
5) and lastly, save 5,000,000 yen by june.

there i said it. now gotta get down to serious action!



  1. You can do it, babe!
    Ever thought of opening your own store to sell your crafts??

  2. thanks thanks! I will jia you! :)
    hmm... with regard to your 2nd question. yes. all the time but im skeptical if anyone will buy my stuff so have been procrastinating...
    what do you think? should i give it a go? or wait it out a little more...

  3. Yes you should! Can start with online store and see how it goes from there.

  4. How do u make these cute little buttons? Sigh, my "brother" is collecting dust at a corner already...

  5. SUPER easy!! you should give it a go! all you need is a button kit! :)
    i was going to make you a tutorial but this one is great! (plus hilariously proper english accent that i lurve..)

    might be french accent... i can't tell but its a super cute accent! :)

  7. *deep breath* will give it a good think and see if i can start that this year!! :)
    yayy new challenges! thanks babe...

  8. I second that - try etsy? You're very creative and talented so I'm sure it'll sell!
    If you start it, I'll be your first customer and buy a camera pouch from you? :P I've been looking and even one that customizes won't do it because mine's the Nex-5 so I'm using my old Kate Spade cosmetic pouch :P Love your cupcake camera pouch. It's quirky cute.

  9. *chants* zhing to start etsy shop! zhing to start etsy shop! :)

  10. thanks for your vote of confidence...
    i really appreciate it! i've thought about it on numerous occasions but gave up each time. will sit down and think about it properly this time round!

  11. Awww thanks babe!! All of you are too sweet!!
    I really appreciate!!


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