Sunday, January 2, 2011

here's to snowy happiness...

so. this morning i woke up and my arms and shoulders were hurting like mad. guess im no young chicken anymore, huh! my legs are completely fine but the shoulders are so sore its hard to do laundry! i guess my lower body strength is still kept up to speed by frequent biking, the classic dancer body-type.. but other than some sores, im doing well! its kinda funny because the boys are all sore, moving slowly and enjoying a quiet morning at home tinkering on their guitar!! nice!

here are some pictures from the iphone. i was too nervous focussing on not falling off my board to remember my proper camera. so this will have to do!

really, daniel? we HAD to be on the 6:30am train?? we're a charming trio when sleepy.

yuzawa ski resort is about 1.5 hours away from tokyo on the shinkansen (bullet train) and the coolest thing is, the train station is literally right at the ski resort so it was very convenient to get it!

rented some retro ski-gear. its hilarious how the boys ended up in the same khaki-pink combination. i kept confusing them on the slopes. it was just like when we were kids and mom dressed them in similar outfits..

and unsurprisingly, the three boys were swell on their boards. i took a quick crash course with a really sweet japanese instructor who spoke very little english but he was great! he kept telling me "good work!" and hi-fived me. i work really well with positive reinforcement so i was very motivated to climb up and keep going after each tumble!

my first run-down intermediate slopes with the boys! the guy gliding down backwards in front of me is daniel..

halfway down the slope, i got a little teary. the sight of us together on new years, all of them stopping along the way for me to catch up, snowball fights, and snow-lacing down such a beautiful mountain in japan of all places!! who would have thought! three little singaporean kids and one little aussie boy. i guess that what life's about, right? then i lost focus and crashed and did a few cartwheels. the only thing was we kept missing musashi in the middle of the day...

i love japanese ski food!! warm curry, piping hot bowls of ramen and hearty lunches. complete with a hot crepe with fancy topping!!

the cheap food we ordered were from the vending machine and everything was very efficient and quick. there were fancier restaurants but this was fun! we ate in a cafeteria with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ski lifts! it was a glorious lunch!

life in sepia tones...

the fluttery soft snow was so pretty..

so there! i guess im a ski-convert. daniel is mighty pleased because now we can start taking ski vacations around japan too! hopefully we get to rent a little ski chalet and a little hot onsen-ing on our next visit and bring little muffin along. maybe we can put him on the sleigh and tug him around as well!! :)


  1. ah! u in Japan now? i had sent u a postcard to your SG home! :(
    haven had time to catch up on friends' blog urgh!
    SNOW IS FUN! Enjoy!

  2. yes dearie!!
    sorry i didn't let you know! we moved here a few years ago!!
    i'll get my parents to scan it and show me. will pick it up in a few weeks too! thanks for the lovin'!


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