Thursday, January 20, 2011

craft: sleepy eyepatch

if talking too much about my brothers (and my dog) is a crime, im totally guilty as charged! but i'll mask this entry and pretend that im talking about my crafts! (hah! mask hahah!! gettit?) 

my little baby brother loves his eye masks!

so when he wanted to steal mine, i offered to make him one. modelled after his favorite 6pm cartoon - ninja turtle! i picked raphael for him because this particular turtle has the most firey temper and is always first to start a fight!! his personality swings between abrasive & fierce and sometimes delivers the most insanely hilarious oneliners!! but what strikes me the most is his loyalty to his brother (s). just like my baby!


funny boy? :) 

and thanks to him, i now have the theme song stuck in my head. do you know it? "Teeenage mutant ninja turtles, teeenage mutant neeenja turtle, teeenage mutant ninja turtle, heros in a half-shell, TURTLE POWER!!!"

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