Wednesday, January 12, 2011

all the important things in life packing into one little package...

"hello friends!
i am back for good! dad and mum officially adopted me over the weekend! so im now a proud little Allender!!

despite what humans say about animal cruelty and putting clothes on pets, i REALLY love wearing my little dog outfits. mum lets me choose each morning what i'd like to wear. but for today, im a nakie-bums so i can wear my scarf (p.s. its actually mum's christmas present from santa but i really really like it). im really feeling it, aren't you?

i just had the best weekend of my life. and i can't believe it's over. i ran around heaps with my dad and made my first poo-poo in the middle of a major intersection. good thing dad had the right tools at hand. he's my hero! we also went shopping heaps. i stayed really quiet in my bag and charm kids and passerby with my flirty looks. i really like tokyu hands in takashimaya. there is soooo much to look at! (i think he's going to bring me to bic camera this weekend!)

i really like mornings with my mum. when dad wakes up, he'll relocate my sleepy mummy and their entire bed onto our sofa and make the living room really warm and toasty. then i'll jump into "bed" with mum and nap for a few hours! she'll cuddle me and give me many kisses.

i think they really love me.

okay. toodles!! its lunch time!

love, musashi"


  1. oh my gosh...way too freakin' cute. reminds me, i need to buy a couple of sweaters for my short-haired dogs...they were shaking this morning on their walk from the cold :(

  2. Tell me, that's a Tiffany isn't it?!

  3. I love tokyu hands too! Wish they had something like that in singers! Btw, I'm coalfox, deleted my old account!

  4. So des ne!! Why so?? ( if it's not too insensitive of me to ask!! )
    Tokyu hands is awesome.. Loft is pretty awesome too! I could spend an entire day there!!!

  5. Haha!! Sharp eyes!!
    More reason to get the twilly now!! ;) I get to share it with him!!

  6. Aren't doggie sweaters super cute!? Musashi gets static-y from them and has Einstein hair!!
    Btw I realized I've never seen your munchkins!! Are they big or little dogs? (cats!)

  7. i love tokyu hands too!!! the last time i was in there, justin had to drag me out of the place!!
    and omg, you're too funny, i know pple write like that for their kids, i can't imagine what you'll be doing when you actually have your own babies!

  8. oh yes, congrats on officially adopting little musashi!!!

  9. Furkids n spawns are the same, no?? Haha...
    Did you visit nippori, fabric market and all the craft stores? I imagine you would like it more cos you knit as well... ;) japan's really craft heaven!!

  10. i've got 3 small dogs! the smallest is Gizmo the chihuahua, and Taffy (the papillon) and June (chihuahua terrier mix) are about 12lbs each :)

  11. awwww.... all cuties!!! i love chihuahuas.. if only daniel loved them the same!!!


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