Monday, December 13, 2010

usa 2010: some brooklyn lovin'

there is something about brooklyn i can't put my finger to, but there is a certain charm about brooklyn that im addicted to.. brooklyn bridge, park slope, williamsburg, pizza, craft markets, prospect park.. all that good stuff.

each time i visit new york, we crash at alex's place. he is the cuddliest and sweetest boy i know!! he still remembers what type of chips i fancy, goes tech-shopping with daniel and stocks the fridge up for us each time we visit. and in turn, we cook up a HUGE chinese meal for him and take him to fancy new places he's never been too!!! through the years i've known him, he has moved a couple times but each time we find ourselves back in brooklyn.. yippee!!

picture from here

we've zipped by the brooklyn bride so many times but never walked across it, so one sunny afternoon, we decided it was time!

hullo, bridge!

daniel got me some floaty balloons..

and we twirled a little, jumped a little more. and got kinda close here...

but he had this in mind but i just wasn't doing the right things. so he did a mini demonstration. and spitefully, i told him that his toes weren't pointed properly. maturity at its finest.. *sigh*

oh! he also bribed me with a huge ice-cream cone from brooklyn ice cream factory cos we were taking so long and it was so warm.

well, i didn't quite pull it off in the end but it was still good fun.

bits of the bridge..

america the beautiful..

new york, new york.. how i miss you already!!

i wonder when we're headed there again!


  1. Love the skirt! Great pics by Daniel, as always.

  2. Haha, I'm listening to Empire State of Mind as I'm writing this..."Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...these streets will make you feel brand new". I love NYC - it's my spiritual home. Can't wait to return one day.
    Love the Mary Poppins shot you linked to (and yours too!):)

  3. So much fun and i love the pic of you twirling your skirt around with the ballons! What cam are you using?

  4. thanks babe!!
    daniel uses nikon d700. :)

  5. gee thanks!!! :) i'll let him know! it will mean the world to him coming from you! :)

  6. taza's blog is amazing! i always go there when i need a pick me up! :)
    if only we lived in NYC. i wonder if it will lose its charm though...

  7. so cute! love your pictures! i love jumping shots... i'll have to disagree with you but good job daniel hahaha :P

  8. it never loses its charm...i lived there for 9 years and was more in love with it at the end than i was at the beginning (and i loved it from Day 1!). new york is an endless discovery...i miss it soooo much!!

  9. The thing that Daniel was aiming for is really cute!!!
    I'm heading to Boston Jan/Feb and trying to do a stop in NY, probably i should get in touch with u then to find out where all the yummies are :)

  10. I love the Brooklyn bridge and spent a fair amount of time there last year! Love the shots that you guys took :) xo

  11. its such a happy and pretty place with a great view...
    thanks babe! :)

  12. haha! :) sure thing!
    will try my best to put it together! :)

  13. you lived there for 9 years??? jealous!!!! why did you leave!!!

  14. hahaha!!! :) thanks babe... you're too nice!! his pointe is so lame..

  15. Was this taken in Summer? I really like the balloon shot.

  16. yeah! in the middle of summer so it was sweltering hot!!! :)
    thanks bebe!

  17. i left cuz my visa had run out, and i couldn't find another job to sponsor my work visa (i wasn't in finance then...worked for Estee Lauder corporate). so i was dragged kicking and screaming back to Singapore...if i'd had my way, i would've stayed forever!

  18. are you planning to head back soon? :) you must be so sought after now!

  19. i really wanted to earlier this year, but it wasn't a good opportunity work-wise. but i'm hopeful, and never say never!!


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