Saturday, December 25, 2010

The one with the not-so-white Christmas..

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~Charles Dickens

This year is one of many firsts!!! Its our first year celebrating as a married couple, and first one in our own place. Also the first one in japan and hopefully first of many celebrating with my family together!

My family is a unique one. For 11 months in a year, we live across 4 different corners of the world, we stay divided but very much connected. Then for that one or two big holidays, we pile into some space and spend a good chunka time together. This year everyone generously picked Tokyo to be with us. Me and my Japanese dog, pasty white song and his English minced pies ( n declaring the weather in Tokyo warm enough for shorts..) and a tanned and freezing Teng, fresh off the Hawaiian sand... I know we can't be any more different!!

On this sleepless Christmas eve night (excited about my pressies..), I'm transported back to our hot balmy living room in Singapore. Of our huge family Chrissy parties, beautiful tree with ornaments from a million years ago, our jack russels and the charm of having curry chicken n beehoon on Christmas eve!! Good times..

And though we are in a different place this year, we still live by the same few Christmas traditions of having huge christmas eve n many indulgent Christmas meals with copious amount of alcohol together, go all crazy with gifting, sit under tree on eve looking very gian and shaking each gift to guess what we're getting, run out of wrapping paper and my favorite one of them all, be under the same roof just for the few sleeps.

For that, I'm extremely grateful.

I'm also thankful for my lovely parents-in-law who generously lets us run along with whatever Christmas plans we fancy with absolutely no pressure to fly back to Australia. We can't wait to call them tomorrow after opening our huge package from them!

This year, in lieu of regular Christmas morning service, we are all mindful of the reason behind the season. And would Iike to give thanks for our bountiful blessings and keep the sick and less fortunate in mind. May god's love bless you with warmth and comfort.

Anyway, I better try to catch some winks if not Santa won't be visiting!! Hope you're with your loved ones too! Remember to give them hugs and kisses and tell them 'I love you!'.

To one and all, wherever you are celebrating, joyeux noel!!

The Allenders and the Chengs

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  1. merry christmas, zhing & D! xoxo

  2. Merry Christmas babe! Have a blessed holiday season

  3. thanks hon! :) you too!!
    is it chilly in HK this year?

  4. thanks babe!
    same to you!! xx
    hope you got heaps of gifts! (and blue boxes!!)

  5. actually i dun have ANY thing from T&C cos i think its ridiculously exp for something silver or diamondy!

  6. hahaha! :)
    thought you mentioned you like their stuff! just naturally assumed you'd be a fan for your namesake!!

  7. actually i juz love its box for its colour! :D
    i do like their engagement rings in their classic setting! but too pricey for the klkl's pockets! (afterall his money is gonna be MY money! ;p)

  8. well good on you!
    warning... its addictive!! :)

  9. sooo the next best thing is to have a wedding theme/colour of robin-egg blue/T&C's blue! yay!

  10. yeah! but its really common nowadays! i've done a million robin egg blue weddings!!!

  11. dun mind offer me some ideas next time please! =)

  12. when its your turn let me know! :) will see if i still have wedding juice then!
    im starting to back off the wedding front and going into other things! c'est la vie, i guess!


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