Friday, December 17, 2010

one of THOSE girls...

met a new friend who called me "one of those girls". initially it sounded really stereotypical but the more i thought about it, the more i realized.... i do belong to the camp that bakes cookies, sews clothes and make tasty bentos. i also think that its ok to wear a dress and apron while dusting up the house. and i aspire to be THAT type of perfect wife.. haha.. so i guess she was right.

one of THOSE sort of activity is sending out christmas love each year. just a little effort and not a biggie but i think it really matters! here's the kicker! its unbelievably difficult to find non-cheesy ones in japan! they are all about the santa clauses and sparkles and cheesy music! not to mention costing an arm and a leg cos its a novelty to send christmas cards. and i reckon the locals only send them to one or two foreign friends, hence the price.

so i improvised. the japanese are really keen on new year greetings (jan 1). and they usually come in the form of postcard, with address on the front side and vertical format on the back! so armed with my newly acquired photoshop skills, i braved the local fedex kinkos with a design in mind and tried to negotiate a deal. between his translator and my iphone, we managed to print these babies! 100 for $55 cut and in the right format for international postage! huzzah!! :) and the best part was, it took 30 mins to design and another 30 mins to print.

big pat on the back, zhing!

then i came home.

and found the edges a little bit too bare and hand-made bias tape from scraps to add a little touch of colour and texture on it. its getting pretty late so not every card has fabric on it. but voila, the allenders' christmas greetings 2010! in japanese style!

so if i don't get to drop one in the mail for you this year... MERRY CHRISTMAS folks! :) hope that in 2011, you'll be surrounded by warm fuzzy love, exciting adventures and filled with more bloggy fun!!

its a little impersonal to send a christmas msg on my blog but i want you to know its bursting with so much love and tight squeezes!!

love love,
one of THOSE type of girl.


  1. nothing wrong with being one of THOSE types of're lovely and do it with a smile, which is probably what Daniel loves about you! :)
    and the cards are creative you are. love!

  2. :) nice! could I send you my addy for your lovely work of art :P
    receiving your cards must be a lovely surprise.. you never know what you'll get from zhing.

  3. i've been living in fear to be classified as "just another housewife" my own insecurities!! :) but i decided this year that is ok and i'm gonna be proud of it!!
    merry christmas love!! hope your new year is filled with more luxurious spa treats, yummy food and a hottie man to love!

  4. of course! :) happy to!!!
    email me for more privacy! :) im at princess_zhing(at)yahoo)(dot)com!!! xx

  5. nothing to be insecure about!!! embrace it and enjoy it :)
    merry christmas to you and your family too!! what are you wishing for this year?? ;)

  6. I love your cards! It's simple, elegant and pretty. *thumbs up*

  7. Lovely card. I wish I was one of those girls!

  8. It is very difficult to be one of those type of girls.. I can't manage any of these lovely stuffs that you churn out.

  9. Haha.. your description at the top sounds like a stapford wife :)
    Lovely cards dear and i can so feel your huggies...
    Big hugs right back...

  10. good to be one of those girls! i cant do it even to save my life!

  11. hahah! :) its probably one of the only things i do well! :)

  12. materially, i want a dog. (but we're not ready yet..) but generally im hoping that 2011 brings MORE adventures! :)
    how about yourself?? :)

  13. of course you can! just that you're busy juggling your masters AND your career AND your baby!
    just one of the above would throw my life upside down! I always wonder how you handle...

  14. but you are!! :) plus you're a mommy too!! more to the plate than i can handle...

  15. its different. stepford wives have no mind of their own! :) i'd like to think there is more than just domestic goddessness!!
    you're totally one of THOSE girls too! :) plus bonus points for mastering the kitchen. i need to work on that!

  16. whats wrong right?
    cheers to being one of THOSE girls!

  17. Wish I could be half as creative as you are to be one of THOSE girls babe :)
    Gorgeous cards!

  18. no! dun say that! you have alot of virtues!!

  19. haha! :) you're so darn excellent at your job. give all the hard-core bankers a run for their money.. in your heels! :)
    p.s. i thought of you this weekend. i was with mommy working on a new quilt. then i thought of how you and clover will have so many lovely moments in life! (having tea, sharing shoes, dressing up...) and i got a little teary! :) hahaha... safe to say, little miss clover has a fan already! :)

  20. ah, dogs are easier than people think! lots of (loving) discipline, lots of walks, and getting 2 is better than 1 as dogs are pack animals (i have 3!). please adopt if you do decide you're ready!!
    i'm just looking forward to turning 30 and having 2011 be a far calmer, smooth-sailing year than 2010 was. always something to look forward to right? :)

  21. funny you wrote it here!! :) we just fostered a little one!!! he's daniel's new muse so im sure i'll have pictures to show soon!
    yes!! 2011 will be better!! cheers..


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