Friday, December 24, 2010

the icing on the cake..

been streamlining my digital folders and found this one un-blogged!! it's one of my favorite trips in 2010 for the following reasons: 

1) it was the calm after the storm (wedding madness)
2) the company
3) it was so simple to plan but so much fun...
4) it was a goood long rest...

since we had so many out of town guests visiting, we thought it would be a good idea to get away from the city right after the wedding to chill out. kinda like a honeymoon getaway but with friends..

the troops with yixin behind the camera...

all of us piled into this sexy people-mover and yakked till the cows come home..

we braved healsville to see native aussie animals.. they were amused by us!

my all time favorite animal - wombat! they look really cuddley but they're fierce. i love telling people this! he can crush a dingle's head with his butt! isn't that an awesome superpower skill?

we rented a little house with 4 private bedrooms, an awesome kitchen, lovely backyard and a beautiful view from our bathtub like this!

it was a dream house. with my friends. dirty scrabble till 3am. i could spend my whole life like that!

yarra valley's known for their vineyards and gourmet food.

all lady-like...

married poppins in action...

out-jumped by the professionals...

favorite picture of the entire trip... classic! :) 

when the last little brother arrives in tokyo this afternoon, the christmas pack is complete. we had lovely french jam, kueh lapis and delightful shoyo ramen. we have red and white wrapped presents spilling out from the tree!

and little musashai is such a munchkin. we l-o-v-e him to bits. i just gave him a nice warm bath this morning and he HATED it. he is ignoring me still and refused my cheese bribe. but now he is a sweet-smelling fluff ball and wearing his muscle tee to welcome his crazy uncle! he's got everyone wrapped around his little paw. puppy kisses to you all and thanks for the nice compliments on our little munchkin. we're very proud (foster) parents too! :)

* = yixin from pics can fly.
the rest = daniel's.


  1. wow the sky photo! WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    cant emphasize how much i really like your red trench coat babe!
    p/s: i got the thumbs' up thingy right! =x

  2. I could stay in that bathtub all day...

  3. Merry Christmas to you, Daniel, Musashi and your family!!!
    Love that owl face you made! It was hi-la-rious!!! You can see the TSD training (Stanislavskian method acting) in it. BE the owl.
    Love you to bits!
    Chewy + Justin

  4. me too! we only had one day there though!
    i'm fussy with my bathrooms and bedrooms!

  5. hahah thanks babe! it has been a million years since i heard that word!!
    merry christmas to your sweet family too! your presents look awesome! hope you have a blast!

  6. hahah! :) good job with the thumbs!
    thanks! i love it too, its a few years old but still my favorite. i friend told me its "done to death" but i've not found another thats equally cool.

  7. The pic! Classic
    Are you related by blood to the owl or sth?
    Perchance ur third cousin twice removed?

  8. Re: The pic! Classic
    hahaha!! :) i look totally like that on any regular evening!

  9. try burberry if you love them checks! =)


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